Disorderly Content


Monday's Tweets

11:49 "Borrow no and pay us back in November" - Even for spammers this seems like a really awful deal.
14:18 RT @paulandstorm: [P] We are on a cruise ship, for work. We can say this much for sure: #JCCC3 is gonna be *awesome*. [I sure hope so.]
22:11 Panic time! My MacBook's screen went black, then wouldn't restart correctly! Waited a while and now it's back. Time to visit Apple Store.


Saturday's Tweets

18:22 There is no drama like model drama. As a photographer, I know this to be true.


Monday's Tweets

11:09 Romney campaign promises to get more specific, won't provide specifics about that either. Now that's comedy! http://t.co/5rFRPhbg
19:14 Fact checkers? We don't need no stinkin' fact checkers! (Yeah, you really do.) http://t.co/w9vDhOVu
19:52 I love the Internets. My iPhone 5 has left Anchorage, Alaska and is on its way. Thank you, @iPhoneAlley! http://t.co/C5jQJVg2
20:34 My iPhone suddenly refused to sync. Think it knows it's getting replaced *very* soon? (Rebooting solved the problem.)
22:03 Ordered a new DSL modem that supports IPv6. Finally moving into the 21st century, a little at a time.


Sunday's Tweets

18:27 Today's lesson: Father's Day is *not* a good day to drive up to Napa.


Thursday's Tweets

16:16 I miss Tiki Bar TV, don't you? Tell Dr. Tiki you miss him too. (Okay, I mostly miss Lala.) http://t.co/mEKBvymU


Tuesday's Tweets

10:20 @VictoriaDahl Tell her being her first puts all kinds of pressure on a guy. And not just the good kind.
12:02 Ann Romney is delusional, which no doubt helps in her marriage to Mitt. http://t.co/61SZbkrQ


Saturday's Tweets

18:13 RT @MarvinEQuasniki: Was going to prepare a statement about Santorum's war on porn, but started Googling and got...distracted. [Been there.]


Friday's Tweets

08:45 Today is cruise day eve eve. Is it time to get excited? Worry about what I've forgotten? #JoCoCruiseCrazy
08:48 Sorry, caller from generic sounding "cancer support services", but you're not getting my time, and certainly not my money.
08:52 Interesting photo shoot yesterday. Model was amazing. Shooting partner was a horse's ass. Won't make that mistake again.
09:17 My thoughts go out to @StephenAtHome and his family over his mother's illness. Oh, and mom, I miss you every day.
09:26 Funny how quiet the Right has become over the underwear bomber's conviction. Sure were loud 2 years ago about demanding a military trial.
10:37 RT @cschweitz: NO!! RT @TheAcademy: Excited to announce that THE MUPPETS will be presenting at this year's Academy Awards! [Deal with it.]
12:47 RT @joshtpm: DeWine's Endorsement Switch: Santorum Is 'Human' http://t.co/LgOjcqEY via @TPM [I see we're grading on the curve.]


Tuesday's Tweets

04:48 @jessebdylan @macosken Did you notice the date on the article?
07:40 Is it April 1st already? Or did someone really design a lens wrap that looks like a tortilla? http://t.co/oRTKaAzp
07:45 "Rick Perry: what an idiot." - a Turkish columnist who knows one when he sees one. http://t.co/SeQzoUVU
07:55 @VictoriaDahl Can't you just ask Burden? Or doesn't she qualify?
08:01 @VictoriaDahl I was referring to your "nice girl" reference. But good to know.
08:03 @VictoriaDahl Good. I'll be here all week. Now don't forget to tip your waitress.
08:21 RT @StephenAtHome: Wikipedia will go dark in protest of SOPA. Now where am I supposed to find inaccurate information about SOPA? [Try MPAA.]
12:19 Romney didn't make much in speaking fees last year. Only $374k, enough to put him in top 2% of earners. http://t.co/YNF9RemQ
14:13 @evanmc_s Only fair. I'd vote for Newt if he rejected everything about himself that's repulsive. Of course, there'd be nothing left.
15:57 RT @joshtpm: Newt: I'm no racist. I'm an asshole across the board! [I thought he didn't believe in Equal Opportunity.]
16:25 I hear the Layoff Fairy visited @iStock today. Guess they ran out of ways to screw suppliers & customers & finally had to go after staff.
16:33 @karimala1 Thanks. Been let go a few times myself, so I feel for the victims. Wonder who'll be left to run the forums...
19:09 Guess where I am! (So excited.) http://t.co/4mHP0svz
23:11 The @Mythbusters show at Flint Center was amazing fun. And seeing all the enthusiastic kids in the audience gives me hope for the future.