Disorderly Content


Sunday's Tweets

14:04 Two shoots today. First one done, second to follow a little Five Guys lunch.


Tuesday's Tweets

06:11 Day 2 of JavaOne in SF. Long commute ahead of me.


Sunday's Tweets

19:19 @AnneWheaton Doesn't that tickle?
21:12 @billamend I'm thinking The Ballad of the Green Berets. That oughta empty out the place real fast.


Thursday's Tweets

11:18 RT @joshtpm: Just Please Read This. That Is All. http://t.co/lG53laEA via @TPM [Do they know the pain they cause? Do they care?]
17:41 RT @TheStevenWeber: http://t.co/iy1Y3TrY [That darn spell checker!]
19:57 Took three days for the new developer forum I set up for work to get its first spammer. Caught it at registration time, which is good.
21:38 Tried to add a captcha to my photo blog to deter spammers. Everything broke. But not my fault, it appears, as it's magically working again.


Monday's Tweets

11:17 New phishing email this morning, phony flight details allegedly from American Airlines. Anyone else getting these?
15:06 How the Innovator's Dilemma guy got the iPhone so horribly, laughably wrong. http://t.co/2AvvoHIZ
16:38 Extra points to the Apple Store. Dropped off my MacBook for touchpad replacement yesterday. It's already done & ready for pickup!
20:02 Cartoon voice actors perform Star Wars at Emerald City Comic Con. Best. Thing. Ever. http://t.co/kLnGmaVx


Saturday's Tweets

08:44 RT @BorowitzReport: A Romney presidency would be great unless you're poor, gay, Mexican, a woman or a dog. [Or care about any of the above.]
11:29 A Catholic priest reads his church the riot act. Even sheep wake up given time and provocation from Rome. http://t.co/DN1KUYvQ
14:23 @VictoriaDahl @alwayscoffee I like that in a woman.
19:23 Listening to @yakkopinky's podcast. Met him at a signing during Animaniacs' heyday. Cool then, even cooler now.
20:41 RT @billamend: Great encapsulation of what some of us deal with re health insurance. http://t.co/f7llJMlk [Hope the Supremes listen.]
21:02 @yakkopinky You asked about it on podcast #42. Dick Van Dyke sang his theme song on @waitwait on NPR. http://t.co/pLW2ZFy9 Start at 8:50.


Wednesday's Tweets

08:31 Up at 5 to drive to Mare Island for @MythBusters experiment. Checked in & waiting for whatever's next.
18:03 I survived Day 1 of my @MythBusters adventure. Day 2 awaits...
18:06 New employer is putting my business card in. Guess it's official. Can paychecks (and Nikon D800 order) be far behind?
20:38 Caught up with latest Red Panda episode from @Decoder_Ring while waiting for @MythBusters experiment to get going. Best way to spend a day.


Monday's Tweets

11:33 Watching The Flog on @GeekandSundry. Is there anyone more adorkable than @FeliciaDay? If there is, I wanna meet her. http://t.co/6UzV3scg
11:45 @ThePlumLineGS Did Romney describe this worst ever unemployment with pride in his voice? (If you're part of the problem, you're Mitt.)


Friday's Tweets

07:55 Shaming Limbaugh advertisers works. I'm surprised; thought anyone advertising with Rush was inherently shamelsss. http://t.co/slZuHNd6
13:42 When Rush calls someone a slut, he knows what he's talking about. http://t.co/1Xbz1h6w
14:58 @alwayscoffee Love that show. Saw it on Broadway and the road company version in San Francisco. Even made Farscape music videos from it.
21:03 @VictoriaDahl Five! Citrix announced they're pulling their ads as well. http://t.co/M5UtcTbc


Thursday's Tweets

08:21 About to head out for a day long interview. It gets easier, and yet it doesn't.
15:36 Back from my day of interviews. I think it went well. Now we wait.


Monday's Tweets

10:12 She's Not Sure She Loves You But She Maybe Likes You But Doesn't Like Like You At Least Not Yet #lessambitiousrocksongs
11:04 GOP candidates would vote for Ron Paul if he's nominee, hope he's insincere in his extremism. Delusional much? http://t.co/AgUYRaaO
11:06 RT @ggreenwald: @ThePlumLineGS It's almost impossible to see Paul endorsing the eventual GOP nominee [Funny 'cuz it's true.]
11:32 Interesting that to Rand Paul and others, calling someone moderate is to denigrate them. http://t.co/7PKWEqFl
14:32 Huh. Ron Paul isn't a libertarian. He just prefers States Rights over Federal Law. Didn't We fight a war over that? http://t.co/V32E07ZZ
21:01 RT @BorowitzReport: Newt Gingrich on leaving the GOP race: "Not unless it gets cancer." [*snort*]
21:39 That Alaska cruise I've been talking about? Yeah, just booked it. Now I have to book the photo workshop on board.
21:44 Romney supporter admits his candidate is just blowing smoke. Why would you support somebody you know is a liar? http://t.co/Ch3AsykD