Farscape-themed lapel pins

These 1" wide lapel pins were made in a cloisonné process using colored enamel and a reflective black nickel surface. Here's how the pins' maker describes the process:

    Cloisonné lapel pins are die-struck from a copper/bronze surface because softer metals give a more detailed impression. A die is created to imprint your design into the metal. Next, the outline of the lapel pins and any cutouts are made with a separate mold.

    To finish your Cloisonné lapel pins, colors are hand-filled with a powdered glass-like mixture. Each color is fired - one at a time - onto your lapel pins at 1,600 F for two to four minutes. This two-step process ensures that bleeding of colors does not occur on your lapel pins. It also helps colors on your lapel pins to last and keep their brilliant hue.

1. The first of twelve designs is the Peacekeeper insignia, which made its first prominent appearance during Aeryn's sparring match with Matala in the episode Back And Back And Back To The Future.

The Farscape design team based the Peacekeeper insignia on a 1920 Russian propaganda poster entitled Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge. In fact, much of the look of the Peacekeepers has its origin in early Soviet art. But whatever its origins, it's a simple and striking visual. And what better way for Scapers to identify ourselves to other true fans than to wear our own Peacekeeper colors?

2. The second pin is a really great rendering of something that's either one of Moya's DRDs or a reject from Silent Running; I'll leave it to you to decide which. I can say how wonderful it is because I had absolutely nothing to do with the way it turned out. The original drawing was the work of a very talented Scaper artist. Me, I have trouble with stick figures.

But back to the pin. The body of the DRD is several shades of yellow enamel. All of the fine detail is reflective metal wire. Note that the pin is DRD-shaped with a flat surface; the 3D appearance in the picture is a tribute to the skill of the artist, the pin's maker and possibly the photographer.

No longer available
No longer available
5. Pin number five portrays Moya, the living ship at the center of Farscape. The design portrays Moya as she enters Starburst, a leviathan's method of interstellar travel. This graphic was provided by yet another talented Scaper artist. It is plated in gold and measures 11/4" long and about 5/8" high.
No longer available
7. Pin number seven is Rygel XVI, Dominar of the Hynerian Empire (deposed). The talented Scaper artist who created this version of His Eminence used as his inspiration a cartoon called The Fairly OddParents. I think Rygel looks rather good as an animated character.

This Rygel is mostly cloisonné, with a dark nickel outline and silk screening for the detail on his collar, cuffs and medallion. He stands 7/8" high and is about as wide as he is tall.

No longer available
9. Pin number nine is a Peacekeeper Identity Chip, which is what passes for security at Gammak Bases and other important (yet somehow easily infiltrated, at least at first) military facilities. A proper Ident Chip is 21/2" high and 11/2" wide, or a close approximation in whatever Sebaceans use for measurement. This version is half as high and wide: 11/4" by 3/4". It's mostly reflective silver metal, with black and red detail. It's also a lot brighter and shinier than the picture.
10. Pin number ten is John Crichton, an astronaut. Who was shot through a wormhole and, well, you probably know the rest. This rendition of IASA's lost scientist was provided by a Scaper from California's Gold Country. Crichton's features have been silkscreened onto a cloisonné pin, with dark nickel outlines. He's 11/4" wide and about the same height.
No longer available
12. Pin number twelve is Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu, just plain Sikozu to her friends (assuming she had any). The product of the feverish brain of yet another talented Scaper, she's portrayed doing something incredibly spoilerish from Farscape's last season. The gold plated pin is 1" high and 5/8" wide.
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