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Brussels, Belgium

My first trip to London was supposed to last two months. Then I was asked to stay an extra month. Then I was asked if I would go to Brussels for six weeks to help a customer. When that finished I decided to stop back in London before heading out to California. (This was all part of a transfer and I was anxious to actually unpack my boxes and get on with life.) But as long as I would be in London, how would I like to help out for a couple of weeks?

Those two weeks turned into two more months, at which point I was asked to go back to Brussels for two more months. So my two month trip turned into eight and a half. (By now I'm sure you're all in tears over my plight.) All of which is an introduction to a few pictures I took while I was there. I don't remember where they were taken or why they seemed worth capturing. But then it was such a long time ago...

It took me fifteen years, but I finally returned to Brussels. Armed with my trusty digital camera, I wandered around the city center in search of familiar landmarks. The Grand Place wasn't too hard to find. All I had to do was follow all the other tourists and eventually they would lead me there.

During my first visit, I spent a lot of time walking around the city. The funny part is that although I could remember doing it, I couldn't remember anything unique about Brussels. Most cities have something that makes them stand out from other cities, whether positive or negative. On revisiting Brussels I remembered what I'd found most distinctive the last time: the cartoon murals that some enterprising and talented citizens had placed liven up some otherwise undistinguished buildings. Rather an improvement over the citizen art that decorates my home town.

Here we see Belgium's most famous piece of art: the justly honored Manneken Pis. (Translations are available upon request.) No visit to Brussels would be complete without paying your respects. I'm told there's a museum nearby for all the costumes that have been presented to the little guy. And the souvenir shops are full of his likeness. My favorites are the bar implements. (One guess where they place the corkscrew!) But it does make you wonder what kind of person would consider buying one of these...

There are a couple of additional pictures from Brussels on my digital camera page.

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