Posted Mon Oct 1 10:00:00 2007 - 3 comments
Things We Wish For / Language Room
3. Jo Fri Jan 18 19:33:27 2008 PDT
It's great to see that people are starting to expand their musical tastes beyond the cookie-cutter bands that you hear playing on radio stations. Cheers to the internet and iTunes for that!! And of course MySpace, which got me on this rant in the first place.

I must say that although there's a lot of crap on MySpace, there are some true nuggets and one of them is The Jummyriggers. The lyrics are excellent and the sound is twangy and honest.

Have a good one and cheers to good music.

2. Amy Brown Thu Jan 17 14:09:00 2008 PDT
This year, I wish that my favorite band would be the biggest band of 2008. The band I'm talking about it The Confusions. I fell in love with them the minute I heard them and can't stop singing their songs. Let me know what you

Thank you,

Amy Brown
1. Rob Sun Nov 4 20:31:33 2007 PDT
Well, I'm into alternative music, so today I decided to go ahead google "alternative music blog", and this is where I ended up. I have to say, I was very surprised when I scrolled down and saw Things We Wish For by Language Room. That's the very CD I've been wanting to get! I also kinda know a guy, who did some guitar for them. I don't know if you know about this other band, The Luther Jett, but they have some good music too.
Well, that's about it, but I will be back to look at your blog again, soon.
Have a nice day!

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