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Vintage Collections: Slim Whitman
1. Joe Arnold Sun May 20 09:13:36 2007 PDT
Slim Whitman is one of America's greatest country yodelers. On the same level as Elton Britt and Kenny Roberts. Although he was an American country artist, Nashville basically felt that his voice too high, so he went overseas where he became a major hit. Following Jimmie Rodgers commercial yodeling sucess in the late 1920s, yodeling became a very popular and acceptable part of country music. Almost every country singer who could play a guitar yodeled. Then in the late 1960s mainstream Nashvile [major labels]tried to kill the yodel in their efforts to shed their "hillbilly" image. Fortunately for us, die-hard country yodelers like Slim Whitman and Kenny Roberts, Frank Hunter, Rosalie Allen, Patsy Montanta, McDonald Craig, Janet McBride, Slim Clark, Carolina Cotton, Cliff Carlise, Hank Snow, and our own Mike Johnson, to mention a select few of hundreds of American yodelers, kept the yodel alive on the Independent Country circuit. Not to mention scores of youngsters currently keeping the yodel banner flying.
Joe Arnold, Roughshod Records

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