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Mon, 26 Mar 2007

Catch the Moon / Elizabeth Mitchell &Lisa Loeb
Catch the Moon Not sure I'm qualified to review an album of children's music, not that a lack of qualification has slowed me down much in the past. But there's a real question here: do I try to put myself in the place of an impressionable and unsophisticated child, which I once was and, if you leave out the "child" part may still be; or do I listen with the more experienced ear of an adult and consider what Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Loeb and their collaborators have done with a mix of children's classics, foreign folk songs and a few originals? Luckily for me, the answer appears to be the same in both cases. There's a cleverness, a subtlety and, yes, a little bit of sexiness that will appeal to the grownup, all, I suspect, without getting in the way of a kid's pleasure in simply listening to the words and the tune.

On the other hand, this one might be a score for the world of hard goods; the CD version includes a book, where on the iTunes Store you don't even get a lousy PDF. Not that I think an online book is any substitute for holding one in your hands. Especially when you're first learning to appreciate the written word. I say go for the hardcopy; there'll be plenty of time to ruin your eyes on computer screens.

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Wed, 29 Mar 2006

Kiddie Songs / The Tinseltown Players
Speaking of Peter Gunn, as I was in my last review, I noticed that there are suddenly a whole bunch of new albums on the iTMS from a record (and I do mean record) label called Crown. They're mostly covers, and look (and sound) like they came from 60s vinyl. I hope nobody picks up one of these discs thinking they're getting the original of Ode to Billie Joe, or Harper Valley PTA, or the aforementioned Peter Gunn theme. Accept no substitutes! Unless they're really good, of course.

Which brings me to this disc of almost painfully quaint children's songs. Which I wouldn't mention at all, except for what caught my eye in the track listings: a rendition of Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat that some overly sensitive censor at Apple or the record label has expurgated to P***y Cat P***y Cat. Anybody looking for shocking material will certainly be shocked by how shocked they aren't.

Kiddie Songs
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Mon, 20 Feb 2006

Sing-a-Long With the Three Stooges / The Three Stooges
Apple files this one under Children's Music. But do children even know who The Three Stooges were? Or are the only children for this music the folks who were children back in the day, when all our shows were in glorious black and white and all that pretend violence was just another part of growing up? Sing-a-Long With the Three Stooges
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Wed, 25 Jan 2006

For the Kids / Various Artists
For the Kids If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may remember my fondness for cover songs. And if by some chance you share that fondness, you too may be a regular listener to the biweekly Coverville podcast. Which sometimes comes up with real surprises, as it did in a year end top 40 countdown that included a wonderful rendition of Mahna Mahna, made famous by Jim Henson and his Muppets but rendered here by the remarkable Cake. Interestingly, may I even say startlingly, Coverville host Brian Ibbott explained that Mahna Mahna wasn't a Muppet original; it actually got its start on the sountrack to an Italian porn film in the 60s! There's something deeply subversive about porn themes being fed to children. Or not. But taken on its face, Cake's version is sublime. As is Sarah McLachlan's take on The Rainbow Connection, a song that really did start out life with the Muppets and not some Eurotrash skin flick. Unless there's something else they aren't telling me...
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Fri, 19 Aug 2005

The Best of Shel Silverstein: His Words His Songs His Friends
The Best of Shel Silverstein: His Words His Songs His Friends I first encountered Shel Silverstein in the pages of Playboy, which included his poetry among its range of literary offerings. (I can't claim to have read Playboy for the articles, at least not with a straight face. But I did read the articles. At least the short ones. But I digress.)

Actually, I ran into Shel even before I worked up the nerve to buy Playboy. Unbeknownst to me, he'd provided the lyrics to some favorite novelty songs. Remember The Unicorn? Some Irish guys may have performed that little bible lesson, but it was this bald Jewish imp who gave them the words. And, as miraculous as it is that Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show could produce intelligible sounds, it was Shel again who introduced them to Sylvia's Mother and put them on The Cover of The Rolling Stone.

The iTMS puts this collection under Children's Music. Guess it's just as well I never grew up.

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