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Wed, 31 Jan 2007

Radiodread / Easy Star All-Stars
I first encountered the Easy Star All-Stars on Brian Ibbott's Coverville podcast. One episode, Brian recreated Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side of the Moon, entirely from cover versions. The All-Stars were among the cover artists he used, taking one track from Dub Side of the Moon, their cover version of Floyd's Moon. I enjoyed it, but didn't think much more about it.

Then recently I got an email from Sara O'Donnell, proprietress of the Average Betty podcast. Among Sara's comments was a recommedation for Dub Side, to which I listened, then going on to the (I believe) even more interesting Radiodread, in which the All-Stars apply their reggae cover magic to Radiohead's Ok Computer. Maybe I like it better because I'm less familiar with this original than with Moon. Or maybe it's just better. I'll let you decide this one.

But as long as I'm here, let me put in a plug for Sara's podcast. Average Betty manages to demystify and deterrify cooking with a combination of wit, humor, clever editing and its undeniably attractive host. Think of it as a tasty accompaniment to Tiki Bar TV, another much-loved video podcast.

And, I might add, one of a very few videocasts on my iTunes subscription list. Mostly I listen to podcasts in the car, so something has to be awfully special to get me to actually watch, what with the Highway Patrol frowning on looking at videos when you're supposed to be looking out for other cars and pedestrians and the occasional tree. Other videocasts that manage to hold my attention include Geek Brief.TV and French Maid TV. Funny; I'm starting to notice a pattern emerging...

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Wed, 03 Jan 2007

Let's Take a Chance / Ambelique
Here's irony for you: Let's Take a Chance takes no chances at all. It's reggae with all its rough edges sanded away. Me, I like the rough edges. Let's Take a Chance
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Fri, 17 Nov 2006

Scientist Dubs Culture Into a Parallel Universe / Scientist
This one requires some explanation, or at least it did for me. So, starting from the middle and workout outward, the word "culture" in the title refers to Culture, a well respected reggae band. "Dubs" is the verb, referring to a remix, in this case of the work of the aforementioned Culture. And Scientist is the one doing the dubbing, turning Culture's music into something a little more science fictional, which explains the rest of the title. (Note that this album lists him as The Scientist, while his other albums have him as just Scientist. Oops!)

I do have one complaint, though. It's about this track of his called Return of Mr. Mxyztplk. As any good Superman fan knows too well, that's Mxyzptlk. Get it right, dammit!

Scientist Dubs Culture Into a Parallel Universe
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Fri, 13 Jan 2006

Legend / Bob Marley and the Wailers
Journey back with me through the mists of time to the mid-1980s. The Internet was the ARPANET, modems were bleeding edge technology, all in all, a simpler time. I was living in Los Angeles and was introduced to my favorite sushi place of all time. It's a little hole in the wall in West L.A. with the unimaginative name of Sushi House. And yet a surprising number of people know and love it. Partly that's because of the food, which I hope is still as good as I remember. But it's also in part because of the decor and the music. You see, this is the first, and so far only, sushi bar I've ever encountered that's steeped in reggae. Pictures of Bob Marley on the walls, his music blasting out of the sound system, the chefs bopping along to the music. To this day sushi doesn't seem complete without that accompaniment. Still tastes good, though. Legend
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