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Wed, 01 Aug 2007

Car Talk / Tom & Ray Magliozzi
Their loss is our gain.

I've been a Car Talk fan for years, ever since I first discovered Click & Clack during my regular Saturday morning grocery run. I know nothing about cars, and cared even less, but with these guys it doesn't much matter. They're classic proof that the right teacher can make anything interesting. And now they're a podcast!

So what's with that "their loss" business? Well, when NPR first got wind of podcasting, there were two approaches. Some shows like On The Media and Wait Wait... Don't Tell me! got into the spirit of the thing and began offering their episodes for free download. Others thought there was money to be made from their content and went the pay route. Well, as I say, their failed experiment in capitalism is now one more reason to love the web, podcasting and your MP3 player of choice. Heck, I even know a little more about cars. Okay, a very little.

Car Talk
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Mon, 09 Jul 2007

Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast / Reduced Shakespeare Company
I first encountered the Reduced Shakespeare Company before they were the Reduced Shakespeare Company, back when I was first living in California, never mind how many years ago. I was in Anaheim back then, which I thought of then and still think of today as Ratland. (Knott's Berry Farm used to have billboards that said, "Come visit us; the other place has mice.") And I'd go to the Renaissance Faire, where these three guys from Northern Cal would do these outrageous versions of Shakespeare's plays, including faster and faster versions of Hamlet, the last one in reverse. Years later I saw their descendents in London, doing The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) and The Complete History of America (Abridged). Not quite as pleasant as being under the trees at a Renaissance Faire, but not bad at all. Since then the troupe has grown and prospered.

And now they're doing a podcast. It isn't their shows; it's more meta than that. But hearing stories from the road, and the method to their madness, and meeting the players is a whole lot of fun too. And they do include bits from their various shows, two of which I was pleased to note will be playing later this year in San Francisco. Okay, so they're not the originals. Then again, considering what all the intervening years have done for me, is that a bad thing?

Reduced Shakespeare Company Podcast
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Mon, 21 May 2007

Mr. Deity / Mr. Deity
Mr. Deity It's podcast time again at the ole myTunes blog. And not just a podcast: a video podcast. I don't much go in for video podcasts; most of my listening is in the car, where they really, really don't recommend trying to watch video. (Damn traditionalists.) So it has to be something special to get me to break my routine. And so it is with Mr. Deity. But not the kind of special that attracted to me to Geek Brief.TV or French Maid TV or Tiki Bar TV. (Sorry, Dr. Tiki, but you know I just watch for Lala.) No, what's special about Mr. Deity is how it (or should that be he?) puts this whole "Hairy Thunderer or Cosmic Muffin" thing into context. Now this is a Supreme Being I can get behind.
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Mon, 09 Apr 2007

Decoder Ring Theatre
Decoder Ring Theatre It's been almost three weeks since my last podcast review, which was also my first podcast review, and since no one seems to have objected, I thought I'd do it again. Actually, no one remarked on it at all. Did it actually go out? Is this thing on? Hello?

Okay, existential episode over. Anyway, since this is all about me sharing my discoveries and my alleged taste with you, my discerning reader, I want to talk about my very favorite podcast of all, that I'm not involved with. Oh, who'm I kidding? It's my absolute favorite; just don't tell the gang at The ScapeCast.

The gang at Decoder Ring Theatre have reinvented radio drama for our more ironic age. Every two weeks they deliver another episode of either Black Jack Justice, noir detective with a heart to match his square jaw, or the Red Panda, Canada's Greatest Superhero. Justice is serious with a side order of whimsy, while the Panda reverses the formula. The arrival of a new episode is a reason to celebrate the combination of clever storytelling and energetic voice performances. The folks at Decoder Ring clearly love what they do. And so, I think, will you, if you're anything like me. And if you are, well, I'm just sorrier than I can say.

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Wed, 21 Mar 2007

The ScapeCast / The ScapeCast Crew
The ScapeCast This post is a first, for a few reasons. For one thing, although I've mentioned podcasts in a few previous posts, this is the first one I've devoted to a podcast. And for another, it's the first time in this blog I've hawked something with which I'm associated. I do it all the time in my other blog, but not here. Until now, that is.

Disclaimers aside, I'd want to tell you about The ScapeCast even if I weren't part of the voice "talent". (Keep those quotes in mind; you'll need 'em.) It's a great show, both because of its subject (I've been addicted to Farscape since episode four or so; the addiction remains, long after the last episode reached the air) and because it's awfully entertaining in the way it tries to figure out just what it is about the show, its characters, its plotlines and its visuals (okay, not so much about the visuals; it's kind of hard to do on an audio only production) that makes so many otherwise rational individuals such fanboys and fangirls. (And let me go on the record as pointing out that there are easily as many of the latter as the former, which is pretty unusual for something in the Sci Fi realm.)

If you've ever seen Farscape, you'll find a lot to enjoy in The ScapeCast. And if you haven't, well, we may not convince you, but we'll certainly make you wonder. What, I won't say.

Oh, and my contribution to the show? I read, which I've been doing since I was four or so and at which I've developed some facility after so many decades. I even do funny voices. Funnier than my natural voice, anyway.

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