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Friday's Tweets

09:06 I got 34 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
14:13 Howard Stern disses Carl Kasell of @waitwait over Radio Hall of Fame nomination, and Carl responds. http://tinyurl.com/3938e7u
15:39 @CraigColvin Yep. I've shot with @MsCaliLogan a bunch of times now, and it's always a blast.
15:55 How foolish do you have to be to leave the security area when you have an hour between planes? The outcome is obvious, n'est-ce pas?


Thursday's Tweets

09:07 I got an image accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
17:17 @wilw Happy birthday, Wil. And thanks for all the laughs at #w00tstockSD.
17:24 Done shooting the adorable @MsCaliLogan for my friend Bill's documentary. Relaxing before my group shoot tonight with Kym.
21:38 No shooting tonight. We had model flakage.


Wednesday's Tweets

10:36 @VictoriaDahl Hamster storage?
10:38 RT @BreakingNews: Judge blocks portions of AZ immigration law, incl part that makes failing to carry papers a crime [Logic prevails.]
10:57 RT @paulandstorm: [S] Many Bothans died in compiling the data for the website. #wookieeleaks [Hee.]
11:32 Glenn Beck sponsor scams the idiots who watch his show. Yeah, and water's wet. http://bit.ly/912y3p
14:51 @Molly23 Rifftrax is its own plural.
19:50 Okay, that was tedious. My COBRA medical coverage ends in a few days, so I had to get online & buy new coverage. Glad it's done.


Tuesday's Tweets

06:16 Apple intros a battery charger for all those wireless peripherals. If only they could have put a USB socket on it. Two birds/one stone.
08:35 Paul Krugman catches Mort Zuckerman pulling a Breitbart on Obama's views on business & the environment. http://nyti.ms/bKeFzn
09:42 RT @BethCiotta: Note to self: Aim the nozzle at the bread and not your face when using butter spray. *sigh* [Oopsy!]
12:36 On my way to Sacramento for a meet & greet / photo shoot. Gonna be a fun day.


Monday's Tweets

08:32 Techi.com literally doesn't understand the meaning of the word literally. http://bit.ly/dlsA1v
13:40 That study that found 89-99% of BitTorrent files are pirated? Looks like it's a crock. http://bit.ly/bKu9J7
14:09 RT @wilw: Memories of #w00tstock 2.4 at #sdcc: http://bit.ly/9M4dda [Wil makes it sound almost as magical as it was.]
15:05 Webcomic weighs in on anti-Westboro Baptist Church counterprotest at Comic Con. http://bit.ly/bBcIia
19:53 RT @wilw: I'll be in my bunk. http://bit.ly/bOnrFp [Yeah, what he said.]
20:48 So. That free "sorry about that" iPhone bumper case Apple said would ship on September 1st? It went out today.
20:52 Jeb Bush on the campaign trail? I've got the slogan for his presidential run: "I'm NOT the idiot brother." http://bit.ly/cNOfHd


Sunday's Tweets

08:35 Road trip fever has me in its grip. Booked Arches & Canyonlands for next month. Maybe I'll take my camera...
18:18 Gonna head up to Mission Comics in SF next Saturday to hear @mariancall sing. She rocks! Well actually she's more folk. But you know.
19:06 I have a problem. #Farscape convention in LA same weekend in November as big photo event in Phoenix. What to do?
19:07 RT @senseibot: @disorderly Have a problem? JUDO FIX THAT! [Yeah, that was a big help.]


Saturday's Tweets

04:09 The problem with crashing at 7pm is waking up at 3am. Not much of a revelation, but what do you expect at this hour?
15:03 Finally have #w00tstock pictures up at http://bit.ly/aDf6NT Apologies for the quality; best I could do with available light & slow lens.
15:08 RT @jonathancoulton: Huh. http://twitpic.com/28bz0q [See, Alanis? That's what they mean by ironic.]
17:53 Note to self: need to rip @paulandstorm, @molly23 & @mariancall CDs to iTunes. Lots of new music from #w00tstock for my iPhone.
17:55 Oh wow. Article by @barryeisler on NPR site has photo by me, complete with credit. http://n.pr/9PxyiF
21:11 Gee, turns out Dell's magical supply chain efficiencies were a fake to hide Intel kickbacks. Not so well run after all. http://bit.ly/9vOu9C
21:49 I love the RSC. Wish I'd been in DC for this @reduced performance. http://bit.ly/d6Pf7E


Friday's Tweets

01:01 Just got back from #w00tstock. Truly epic both for its length and its content. Hurt from laughing so much.
06:04 Five hours of sleep. Gonna be a zombie today, which is really more @jonathancoulton than @paulandstorm. #w00tstock
08:09 Politico admits they are attention whores and are part of the problem with journalism. http://bit.ly/dddd5J
08:32 John Gruber refuses to say Fake Steve Jobs is full of it. Sorta. http://tinyurl.com/23k97sd
09:11 I got 20 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:14 Back to the airport. That was quick! But worth it.
09:50 At the gate. San Francisco & Sacramento flights delayed. San José still shows on time. We shall see.
13:29 Home. Seriously fried, but it was so worth it.


Thursday's Tweets

04:15 Why am I up this early? Flight doesn't leave for another four hours.
06:55 Waiting for the shuttle at SJC. Wait, wasn't I just here?
07:34 Waiting at the gate. Next stop, San Diego & #SDCC. Later #w00tstock. Gonna be a good day.
07:57 Panic moment when my phone wasn't in its case. Forgot to move it from my laptop bag after I went through Security. Calming down now.
09:09 I got 19 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
11:27 On the rental car shuttle. Should I find food before hitting the convention center?
11:28 Made it! http://tweetphoto.com/34231054
14:35 @VictoriaDahl So did I! It was at Disneyland!
16:37 My favorite Comic Con moment: the God Hates Fags protester protesters & their inventive signs. http://tinyurl.com/2adxd57
19:09 We're all in our places, With bright shining faces. Let the w00t begin!
19:30 @lomara and he's here at w00tstock too!
22:06 Halftime at #w00tstock. Way too much fun.


Wednesday's Tweets

07:57 RT @Margoandhow: Whaddya bet Shirley Sharrod gets her job back? There is too much outrage, & Vilsack is feeling it. [She deserves a medal.]
09:07 I got 20 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:15 Gee, that was quick! Packing for San Diego took just a few minutes. Guess it helps I'm only there overnight. And I'm minimizing camera gear.
09:31 @alwayscoffee I've always thought it was pronounced like "tool".
19:45 RT @wilw: 24 hours until #w00tstock! 24 hours until #w00tstock! 24 hours until #w00tstock! 24 hours until #w00tstock! *SQUEE!* [Ditto.]
21:32 @counternotions I got two emails like that today. Both for AT&T Stores in Michigan. I'm in California.
21:51 RT @ebertchicago: Caught on tape! Fox News spinning lies to cover its ass on the Sherrod story. http://j.mp/9dcvxV [Fox beyond shameless.]


Tuesday's Tweets

09:16 Car's in for scheduled service. Gray and slightly chilly outside. Guess I'll edit some pictures while I wait for the call.
10:51 Oh, AT&T. Your voicemail arrived just an hour & ten minutes after the call I missed. That's what I call service. But not good service.
11:44 Why is anyone surprised to learn that Andrew Breitbart is a lying, manipulative sleaze? http://bit.ly/9ND1AS
14:31 @VictoriaDahl And how does the principal feel about that? Or did you by any chance mean principle?
16:51 NAACP screwed up. They thought Fox News & Andrew Brietbart weren't scheming spawns of Satan. http://bit.ly/agbjuX
17:46 Agree with @ggreenwald; rehire Sherrod. I'd go further and get rid of Vilsack. Talk about a lack of guts.
18:18 @lomara Oh noes, Kim. Gotta feel better for Thursday! Comic Con *and* #w00tstock!
21:43 A Bill Gates company commits fraud. No, not MSFT; this one got caught. http://bit.ly/cuB9XF


Monday's Tweets

08:05 Chinese news media reports on iPhone 4 saga. With cartoons! You'll laugh, you'll cry. No, you'll just laugh. http://bit.ly/9ysmtc
08:58 Don't call him a racist. NH state candidate doesn't hate nonwhites; he just doesn't want to know they exist. http://bit.ly/dAnVdR
09:08 I got 39 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:10 One more reason to avoid United, as if I needed any more. http://bit.ly/cH6nEZ (I love Southwest, like Alaska & JetBlue, tolerate American.)
12:14 I really hope this is real. http://bit.ly/9ka8b2
12:20 It *is* real! But if not, I'm out six bucks. http://bit.ly/9ka8b2
12:21 @VictoriaDahl Yeah, what's up with that? You're usually so sweet & demure.
13:01 Just deposited a check using a leaky pen. Lucky I keep Wet Wipes in the car. My Scoutmaster would be so proud.
14:25 From Wired, the epic battle between Apple & AT&T, not that Verizon would be any better. http://bit.ly/azarm9
16:13 @renatojr_rj No fooling. Still better than the 117 degrees I experienced on Friday.
16:58 RT @reduced: "Do not forget to specify, when time and place shall serve, that I am an ass." #shakespalin [Good ole Dogberry.]


Sunday's Tweets

07:56 At Ontario Airport, headed home. Found it without Homer's help. So proud!
08:22 My mention of Ontario Airport just got retreated. By a twit in Ontario, Canada. Oopsy!
09:02 I got 40 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
10:19 Smooth landing. The best kind.
11:26 Home. But not for long...
16:43 Mark Williams too much a racist shithead even for Tea Partiers. Yeah, I'm surprised too. http://j.mp/aw45v7
18:05 Refudiate? Where do I sign up to refudiate Sarah Palin? I assume it's an amalgamation of refuse and repudiate, both of which apply.
22:27 Consumer Reports, you got some 'splaining to do... http://bit.ly/dB2LjB


Saturday's Tweets

19:44 Just finished an epic seven hour shoot. It's almost 100 degrees here. I am wiped.
20:52 Listening to Sense & Sensibility. It's like a bad pastiche of Austen. Are these people really from the same pen as Emma and Lizzie?
20:58 @cabri The audiobook. And I can't believe how shallow and useless everyone is. Even the author seems to think little of them.
21:28 @cabri Guess I expected more of Austen. When she's good she's amazing. But this is tedium.


Friday's Tweets

04:53 Up way too early. Even more way too than usual. Flying this morning.
06:31 At the gate at SJC, enjoying free WiFi. Next stop: Ontario. (The one in California.)
06:34 Following @Tim_Matheson because he asked so pathetically.
07:07 Restroom at SJC has two handicapped stalls & 1 regular size. Which answera the question about use of handicapped stalls, don't you think?
07:09 BTW, been a while since I've been to SJC. Everything's changed, including Southwest's terminal move. I like it.
08:35 Making pretty backgrounds for my iPhone with the Magic Artist app. http://twitpic.com/25tdnu
09:09 I got 20 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:55 On the road again with Homer the GPS. Headed to Joshua Tree to commit acts of photography. But first, steak & eggs @ Bob's Big Boy.
14:35 Holy shit! http://twitpic.com/25waob
18:54 For the record, Glenn Beck: this particular Jew didn't kill Jesus, nor does he know anyone who did. Never met the man, assuming he existed.
18:58 After rescuing photos for a friend, had to do the same for myself. oday's Joshua Tree shots vanished but are back. Thank you, PhotoRescue.
19:15 Everything's better with bacon, including movies. http://j.mp/9YOsUp (Via @ebertchicago)


Thursday's Tweets

09:07 I got an image accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
12:08 Crisis averted. Managed to recover lost video of friend's daughter. Tears were shed before she knew all wasn't lost.
13:02 UT removes name of early Klan leader from dormitory. World can't believe it took this long. http://bit.ly/9JqR05
18:38 Happy birthday to @donttrythis. See you next week at #w00tstockSD!


Wednesday's Tweets

09:10 I got 23 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
10:54 @VictoriaDahl The iPhone issue isn't bothering me much so far. Get a bumper case, hold it right handed, don't sweat it. Still love mine.
10:56 @VictoriaDahl More likely they'll quietly repair or replace if necessary. They did with my MacBook's disk drive recently, quickly & free.
11:04 An Aussie weighs in on iPhone 4 signal loss with his real world experience. Death grip be damned, he shouts! http://bit.ly/aubXsI
18:43 Off to San Jose Rep to see FDR with the legendary Ed Asner.
23:06 Ed Asner's portrayal of FDR was compelling as hell. He doesn't look like him, but he captured his essence.


Tuesday's Tweets

09:08 I got 40 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
10:15 Roman Polanski committed far more heinous acts. So why does Mel Gibson seem the more repulsive individual?
10:24 @VictoriaDahl That depends, Victoria. Which pieces are up for grabs?
10:42 Who the hell let this World War II on television? Totally unbelievable. http://bit.ly/bsCNnm
14:28 @paulandstorm "Cover me; I'm going in." #5wordsbeforesex
17:37 I was enjoying this piece about a Creationist bunch getting slammed by a Texas judge. Then I got to the last line. http://bit.ly/br83sb
18:02 Judge tells the FCC to get fscked. Where's George Carlin when we need him? ttp://j.mp/8ZvATX


Monday's Tweets

08:38 Somebody was having a really bad day. http://twitpic.com/24oz56
09:09 I got 12 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
16:49 "Keep the Negroes Out of Most Classes Where There Are a Large Number of Girls" Race issues at UT: http://huff.to/9uzD4t
16:58 "Meghan McCain Interviewing Snooki Is the Frost-Nixon of Our Time." (How can I possibly improve on that?) http://bit.ly/9w5TlX
17:31 RT @HuffingtonPost: Oil Spill STOPPED? Containment Cap Attempt Appears To Have Halted Oil http://huff.to/bhZMRM [Fool me once...]
18:06 Just got an email from someone in New Zealand, asking if I have AOS software for a DG Eclipse. Last time I touched one was 30 years ago!
19:17 Watching the new, morally ambiguous Murder on the Orient Express on PBS. It asks questions Agatha Christie would never have considered.


Sunday's Tweets

06:42 The @PocketChris photo app from @chrismarquardt is in the App Store. Downloading my copy now.
09:27 Attack To Kill a Mockingbird? Proof you have no soul. http://huff.to/9vQGCV
09:39 Via @ebertchicago, BP wins Sitting Duck award from columnists. Alberto Gonzales won in 07, but no one can remember why. http://bit.ly/b9XZFd
12:35 On my way to Sacramento. Hotel shoot. Wait; didn't I just do one of those?
14:50 Oh god. The heat in Sacramento is brutal. How do people stand it?
19:55 Done shooting with Kaitlyn. Listening to classical music while I check the Interwebs. But time now for dinner at Scott's Seafood.


Saturday's Tweets

07:56 AZ anti-immigrant law not just immoral; it's based on a worsening problem that isn't actually getting worse. http://huff.to/d5502x
11:51 RT @JillSorenson: Lustiness is OK as long as you're sorry later. [And even if you're not.]
11:56 Kids ask why the sky is blue, but do they ever ask why clouds are white? I know I never did. http://bit.ly/9FlmUn
12:04 I'm using twitter from fring – my FREE mobile app for tweets, calls, chats & video calls! Join me on fring http://www.fring.com/twitter
14:16 RT @BreakingNews: 7th lawsuit filed over AZ immigration law: Police training mat'ls too vague, lead to racial profiling http://bit.ly/blcO6S
14:50 Andy Borowitz: Cavaliers Owner Seen Driving to Miami in Astronaut Diaper http://huff.to/cyYWuX
22:12 Back from San Francisco. Shoot with Candace, followed by dinner at Kuleto's.


Friday's Tweets

07:46 Darth Vader on my TomTom GPS was unnerving. But Yoda? Sentence order he has issues with, hmmm? http://bit.ly/cbw09C
16:47 Mitt Romney knows nothing about nuclear treaty, GOP & Dems agree. So where's mainstream media on the story? http://huff.to/aSHBwJ


The Hills Have Cow Eyes

So I'm driving along a backroad near Gilroy this afternoon, enjoying the weather and looking for something to photograph. This particular road's kind of narrow and winding, and there's no place to stop. But the scenery's pretty, with the brown hills and the green trees. I spot a big field with a big hill behind it, and a herd of cows standing around looking photogenic. So I wish for a place to stop, and I find one a couple of hundred feet beyond. I park, grab my camera and walk back up the road, hoping I'll hear any oncoming traffic in time to get out of the way. My luck holds; no oncoming traffic, and the cows are right where I left them.

But not for long. They're on the move, having been disturbed by a loud and clumsy photographer. I get a few pictures before a ridge gets between me and them. And then I head back to my car. I had the wrong lens for the distance, and wanted to get something longer. I swap the lens and then head back down the road a little way, figuring I could at least shoot the flora, what with the fauna having given me the slip.

Except... they hadn't. Quite the opposite, in fact. Because the moment I looked over the barbed wire fence, I discovered where the herd had gone. They'd gathered by the gate in the fence, just across from my parking spot. And they were all looking at me. With interest, or at least as much interest as a cow is capable of showing. I wondered if they were used to someone coming to feed them, and if I'd acted sufficiently farmerlike to fire the synapses in their little bovine brains. But I got a few shots before they lost interest or had another thought. Not that that was all that likely. And I never did get a model release. Are hoof prints legally binding?

Thursday's Tweets

07:45 From @ggreenwald: Offend the Right & you're a dead man. Abuse the Left & no one comments. Liberal media my ass. http://is.gd/dk4yG
16:42 Good question: Would Firefly have succeeded if it had a more traditional SF credit sequence? http://bit.ly/dDwKrd (Probably not.)
16:45 Speaking of Firefly, I'd buy this album. If I had a record player. And if it actually existed. http://bit.ly/cNZIfn
19:59 @lomara Isn't that awfully wide angle for baseball?


Wednesday's Tweets

11:14 @billprady Occasional Wife
11:14 @billprady Sorry; that was a TV series.
14:12 @billprady Lover Come Back with Rock Hudson & Doris Day http://imdb.to/9CwobV
16:16 Tweeting can be hazardous to your employment, especially when the subject is the Middle East. http://bit.ly/caR3US
20:43 @paulandstorm If you like Knowing Me, Knowing You, try to find a copy of Phenomenon. http://imdb.to/cTEwzN
21:27 Guns in church: yet another reason for me to stay the hell away.


Tuesday's Tweets

07:41 Prince announces that the Internet is "so over", like MTV. Internet says "I know you are but what am I?" http://bit.ly/aYSBQb
09:27 NV TP nutbag Sharron Angle uses copyright claim to stop voters from seeing her old/real political positions as she moves to the center.
11:51 Tweetie's unable to get through to Twitter. Fortunately, there are other apps that are unaffected so far.
13:26 Female staff of The Daily Show respond to Jezebel's charges of sexism. Short version: nuh unh! http://bit.ly/aSljVb
20:33 Finally removed our monthly blogger Meetup from my calendar. Drinking (iced) coffee on my own is fun and all, but I can do that any time.
20:55 @MsCaliLogan Jeeze, what a gracious guy.


Monday's Tweets

09:06 I got 40 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
16:05 RT @VictoriaDahl: I'm back from vacation and honored & pleased to announce that I've found the land of my people: http://twitpic.com/22rqwa
16:57 Took a long drive through the hills south of Livermore. Passed by Casa de Fruta, where I learned of Romano Ranch flavor pistachios. Yum.
19:16 http://dead.atyourage.com says I've outlived Will Rogers. Must be that whole "not flying around Alaska in small planes" thing.
23:05 There really are college courses in underwater basket weaving. I was sure it was just a punchline. UCSD says otherwise. http://bit.ly/aNiuS0


All The Wood Behind One Arrowhead

Many years ago, back when I still worked at Sun Microsystems and Scott McNealy was still in charge, he had what turned out to be a very bad idea: to turn the company that put All The Wood Behind One Arrowhead into a more decentralized set of self-contained business units. The idea was to replace supposedly strategic decisionmaking within individual units with choices that made not just sense, but dollars and cents. No more "We're doing this because it's right for the company." Instead, it was to be "We're doing it because the money we spend will come back tenfold," or more, or whatever the factor was determined to be.

Why was this such a bad idea? First, it reduced efficiency by a whole lot, as each unit had its own marketing and sales and advertising, mostly targeted at the same set of Sun customers. Second, it make decisions very narrow, as my own developer tools business unit concentrated on eliminating competition for software development on Sun, rather than on increasing the success of Sun as an application development and delivery platform. And third, it forced these new business units to take on agreements from the old days, agreements like a third party Cobol compiler that was a money loser for the development tools unit but which was intended to (and did) make lots of money from server sales.

Two years later this business unit model was undone, as were many of us who had participated in it. It was acknowledged to be a bad and very expensive brain fart on the part of our CEO, and became an entertaining part of our shared history. Buy me a drink some time and I'll tell you of some sadly funny examples of what seemed to someone like rational decisions.

I mention this because something reminded me that the business unit idea wasn't entirely a bad one. That something is Microsoft's late and not terribly lamented Kin mobile device, the last gasp of their acquisition of Danger, inventor of T-Mobile's Sidekick. The Kin took two years to develop, and lasted about a month and a half before being shot at sunrise. How, one wonders, can any organization, even one so famously screwed up as Microsoft, get a product so wrong that they have to kill it so quickly?

There are many answers, as there generally are, but one big one is that Microsoft still subscribes to Sun's All The Wood Behind One Arrowhead philosophy. With Sun that arrowhead was its SPARC processor; with Microsoft it is Windows. And one of the reasons Kin took so long to arrive, and so missed its moment when it did, was the corporate decision that running some form of Windows was more important than getting out to customers. Two years to rewrite the Java-based software that came with Danger, to fit a corporate philosophy of Windows Everywhere. Even, as in this case, if Windows provided no benefit. Even if it wasn't going to matter, or even be visible, to the device's user.

In short (yeah, I know: too late), Microsoft sacrificed its Kin on the altar of Windows. As it is doing with phones, not that anyone's left to care. Sun abandoned SPARC as its only processor, although that decision came too late, and after other developments made them less and less relevant. I expect Microsoft to come to the same conclusion about Windows, although it's likely already too late. And yes, I know that Apple has its mostly unified OS strategy with Mac OS X and iOS. Apple seems to know how much to share and how much to make different in a way Microsoft never seemed to learn. Or maybe it's a matter of taste, which Apple has.

Sunday's Tweets

08:24 RT @nprscottsimon: Happy 4th of July to all. Cannot wait to see fireworks on Nat'l Mall. They're strapping a Roman Candle on Michael Steele!
17:16 Stopped at Golden Gate Cemetery to take Lensbaby pictures. Getting a little better. Maybe. http://twitpic.com/22ijy6


Saturday's Tweets

09:10 I got 50 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
10:56 Every time the mainstream media refuses to call waterboarding torture, a kitten dies. I mean you, NYT & NPR. http://bit.ly/bKBEOO
11:43 RT @neilhimself: If they outlaw Nutella, only outlaws will have Nutella. http://bit.ly/bnrYjt
14:56 More time with my Nikon D80 & Lensbaby. Possibly less crappy pictures than yesterday's.
19:30 The Swedish Chef makes Pöpcørn. I love Pöpcørn! With closed captioning! http://bit.ly/c5Cpeb
21:42 Somebody not too far away is fireworking in earnest. Lots of distant booms.


Friday's Tweets

08:32 Dell learns what every politician discovers: it's the coverup, not the screwup, that gets you every time. http://bit.ly/bBMUVK
08:36 AZ Gov claims illegals are going around beheading people. It's like she wants to kill tourism dead. http://bit.ly/d4IA7Y
09:07 On waterboarding as torture, NYT calls a spade an entrenching tool. That's called balance. http://bit.ly/bFWpb4
16:09 Shooting at Mission San Juan Bautista with my Lensbaby. Strange and liberating to know all the pictures will be crap. Which they were.


Thursday's Tweets

08:20 "Politically, Meg Whitman isn't a fascist, or anything else. She's just a creep." http://huff.to/bKDYjz
08:35 Software deciphers dead language in hours, giving new insights into biblical-era civilization. http://bit.ly/9LmH92
09:15 I got 20 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
13:41 @billprady The latest on the iPhone 4 antenna issue. It's real but manageable. http://bit.ly/aDVD7n
13:56 Listen, eBay. Just because I bought a couple of lens hoods doesn't mean I want any more. And hoods for Canon lenses are right out, m'kay?
15:03 "I don't understand how someone who turned the crucifixion and resurrection of his Savior into capitalist torture porn could stoop so low."
19:19 New Futurama ep parodies the iPhone. Leela's butt has a singing boil named Susan. It's hairy. And Scottish. Get it?
22:55 Just caught an ad for Microsoft's Kin. I guess they didn't get the word in time, huh?


Wednesday's Tweets

07:29 Off to SF for a shoot this morning, with Young Frankenstein the musical this afternoon.
09:07 I got 40 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
12:15 Shoot done. Lunch done. Now killing time at the SF Apple Store before I head to the Golden Gate Theatre. Mel Brooks awaits.
15:24 Young Frankenstein is fun but too close to the movie.Spamalot was more creative.Bet Joss would have turned out something amazing from this.
18:30 RT @CarolynCrane: Congrats to @BarryEisler - INSIDE OUT is a staff pick in the email I just got from the Sony Reader store. Way to go!
22:18 RT @5tevenw: Twilight's like the #worldcup. They run around for 2 hours, nobody scores, & its billion fans insist you just don't understand.