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My Former Car - The Saga Continues...

And the plot is about as interesting as that other saga. But I digress...

After a week of no news from my insurance company regarding that collision that turned my Camry Hybrid into a rather unattractive lawn ornament, I finally had the call I was expecting. As I was led to believe, it's a stiff. So they're ready to pay me for it, and I get to buy something new or at least new-ish.

But of course there's paperwork to be sent in. Including the Certificate of Title, which I can't find. I knew exactly where I put it, but it's not there. Plenty of other paperwork but not the one thing standing between me and a new car. Including the purchase agreement and the brochure and even the paperwork for my previous vehicle, which goes back all the way to 1997. But Title I have none.

So after wading my way through tax forms and verifying it's gone, I get online to find out how to request a duplicate Title. And while I'm filling out forms I notice the option for something called a Paperless Title. And eventually a light dawns.

You see, California doesn't issue a Title until the lienholder is done, um, holding the lien. That should have happened four years ago but for some reason didn't; my credit union still shows up on my registration. So the reason I couldn't find the Title is because I never got it. Guess my memory of that colorful bit of paper was from my 1997 car, not the one from 2007. Which, if I'm right, means a quick trip to the credit union after the holiday to get them to straighten out my ownership so I can be an owner of said lawn ornament no more. And if I'm wrong, at least I can feel a little less senile about losing what I never had.