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Oh Twitter, What Have You Done?

Looks like it's going to take me a while to figure out the new Twitter APIs. So until then, my tweets aren't going to be appearing here. Guess you'll just have to follow me there, assuming you care to read my ever more infrequent offerings.


Monday's Tweets

17:09 Packing for my trip to NYC. Taking camera gear but leaving MacBook Pro behind. Will have to survive with *ugh* work ThinkPad.


Sunday's Tweets

09:20 Was the Milgram Experiment flawed? Maybe we aren't as psychopathic as we've been told. http://t.co/Q3Bo1cEPbz
20:37 I don't appreciate being cheated, even when it wasn't intentional. So that's one Meetup group I won't be back to.


Friday's Tweets

11:29 RT @NPRAskMeAnother: RT @sweaternine What are the middle names of '90s politicos Dan Quayle, Ross Perot, and Norman Schwarzkopf? [I know!]


Thursday's Tweets

13:59 Don't tell me this is a children's book! http://t.co/8vQ1EtHqHc
20:53 RT @JohnBest59: @wilw What are you saying? the Germans didn't bomb Pearl. Maybe read a history book and find out who did. [Oh, FFS.]


Wednesday's Tweets

08:53 Covering trade show booth on my own most of today. Can't count on salescritters at all, not that I'm surprised.
09:10 Slow start to the morning. http://t.co/7todePIdQV
09:15 If you ever wondered how BlackBerry lost the smartphone war, read this. http://t.co/1pbLb7eaHc
16:41 Trapped at the convention center. Guys in charge shipped our boxes off on a truck. Have to wait while they bring them back. Not happy.


Monday's Tweets

18:11 RT @BennyAce: On reaching 88 mph, Marty McFly's DeLorean explodes. Fireball kills him, Doc, & dog. #IfGeorgeRRMartinWroteIt [The dog too?]
18:41 Carl Kasell may not be a rock star, but at least we can say he's rock star adjacent. http://t.co/uKTrubyapA @waitwait


Friday's Tweets

10:12 That smoking gun about the IRS head visiting the White House 157 times? Not so smoking after all. http://t.co/XfetWKLHmN
11:44 Cool! @NPRAskMeAnother is taping an episode in Central Park while I'm in NYC. Can't wait to see @jonathancoulton again!