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Wednesday's Tweets

10:13 @ber06122 A surprisingly poignant book and series. Recommended.
13:38 Rats. Bill Cosby will be performing at Flint Center in February. And I'll be in Port Canaveral, waiting to board a cruise ship.


Monday's Tweets

20:18 @yakkopinky @ThrillingAdv Make it happen, guys. Please?
21:21 Truth is so much stranger than fiction would dare to be. Case in point... http://t.co/AkClOU8k


Friday's Tweets

13:23 Remember when being sick meant you could lie around at home and ignore the world? I miss those days, at least as regards work.


Wednesday's Tweets

09:29 While we wait for the iPhone announcement, here's a trashbag Gollum falling into Mount Doom: http://t.co/OY0JgkoW
10:43 Apple's website still shows the iPhone 4S. What's the matter with you people? I wanna upgrade. Now, dammit!
11:53 @GreyDeLisle "or when sounded like A, as in neighbor and weigh." I guess you're supposed to pronounce it DAY-ity.
14:54 Are Candy Corn Oreos a horrible idea? Watch & learn. (Spoiler: Yes. Yes, they are. Horrible beyond words.) http://t.co/ghtFIyLZ
16:27 @IsobelCarr @markmilian I think that's backwards. The adapter is $29. The cable is $39.
16:33 @markmilian @IsobelCarr Sorry, you're right. It's the Lightning to 30 pin adapter & cable that cost more than Lightning to USB. Parts cost?


Sunday's Tweets

08:04 The (personally & professionally) wonderful @mariancall on the joys and challenges of making a Kickstarter success. http://t.co/IgUFV8gB
08:06 RT @TPM: McCain: Paul Ryan "also a bold choice" like Sarah Palin http://t.co/tnDG83PG [How'd that bold choicy thing work out for ya?]
10:52 Hey, FB & Twitter friends. Do not post photos of horribly mangled children to get sympathy. I will block you, in sympathy for my stomach.
15:19 "This really is a post-truth campaign." http://t.co/unipMFA4


Thursday's Tweets

06:01 Holy kwap! Want! (But don't need. And certainly don't want to haul around.) http://t.co/vimjgL9j
07:19 Listening to a webcast about Big Data. So many jokes come to mind, mostly in an effort to stay awake.
13:59 I never argue with a fortune cookie. http://t.co/NxE1SPT2
19:30 @Lomara Wish I could be there, Kim. Darn day job. (And other stuff.) #w00tstock
20:07 @Lomara Thanks! And at least I'll see some of those folks on the cruise in February...
22:06 @neiltyson No worse than The La Brea Tar Pits.


Tuesday's Tweets

06:02 In my spam trap: "Costco Customers: You're 500.00 Card". No, I'm most certainly not.
06:06 @alwayscoffee Of course, Ali. At least I'm not a *cheap* cad.
11:54 @yakkopinky Any chance of getting you on @KPChatShow? @KevinPollak is a great interviewer, and you'd be a great interview.


Saturday's Tweets

07:47 In case you had any doubt about Verizon being heartless scum. http://t.co/yyqcuPFh
09:44 It's not that Mitt was an asshole as a kid; lots of us were. It's that he can't feel or won't admit to remorse now. http://t.co/hKfaNaBc
14:27 @angrymacbastard Did you guys miss this one? http://t.co/h9ixLNjF (NYTimes fucked up Apple tax story.)
15:59 And here we thought Colin Powell was the one honorable individual in the Bush administration. http://t.co/fTxo6Bza
18:57 @VictoriaDahl I've only seen the first Iron Man, & sort of know the other characters. But I loved it. A roller coaster of thrills & laughs.
18:58 @alwayscoffee Just what I was thinking: wish I could see your bottom.
19:00 @alwayscoffee Good; that's what I was going for. But the dress looks awfully good.
20:40 @petersagal Maybe you should turn the Thesaurus option off, "Peter".


Thursday's Tweets

08:03 If AZ can say pregnancy starts 2 weeks before conception, why can't GOP blame Obama for job losses before inauguration? http://t.co/E73prLMx
11:56 Newt calls out Fox News for bias? I for one am stunned. http://t.co/Foqd2Nau


Monday's Tweets

10:11 Bill Maher is an idiot with a microphone. Just because you're a liberal doesn't mean you're right. http://t.co/xpsNgh9x
10:14 It needs to be said again and again: Free Speech does not mean free of consequences. That's where the speaker's freedom runs into ours.
10:16 @alwayscoffee @VictoriaDahl Might be sweet, Ali? Might be? Don't make me laugh. (On second thought, do.)
11:16 @VictoriaDahl There's definitely a hint of devilish in your smile. No, I lie: much more than a hint.


Sunday's Tweets

11:58 On my way to a shoot, and a rock on the Interstate made a nice chip in my windshield. Great start to the day.
19:15 If I had any doubt that #JoCoCruiseCrazy was filled with my people (AKA the certifiably insane), I present this: http://t.co/cAVHbY3Z


Thursday's Tweets

13:26 Good photo shoot this morning. Came back to calls from both companies I interviewed with. Signs are positive on that front.
13:44 @pemalevy Same reason Huntsman thinks showing off his Chinese helps his campaign. Delusion.
15:41 I saw it, I wanted it, I bought it: Steampunk GPS for iPhone http://t.co/5MizFi1s