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Thursday's Tweets

21:53 So nice to have my MacBook Pro back. That was a long two days, what with the stone knives and bearskins of computing...


Tuesday's Tweets

06:59 Rental car returned. On my way to the terminal. Today's destination is Seattle. Another user group talk.
12:45 When did SEA take it's rental cars offsite? One more airport that officially sucks.
21:25 Small crowd at tonight's Java talk. No surprise so close to the holiday. Still, the folks who were there seemed to enjoy themselves.


Saturday's Tweets

07:20 BTW, we used iOS Maps' turn by turn directions to navigate in DC this past week. Worked great. No #mapgate here.
11:21 Funny; three finger clicking on Romnesia brings up the Wikipedia definition. Just as it should. http://t.co/563rLujf
11:31 For George Wallace it was "Segregation now, segregation forever." For Paul Ryan, it's a promise to fight gay rights. http://t.co/Pq7Rj9hR
18:47 "The true Romney plan is to create an economic boom through the sheer power of Mr. Romney’s personal awesomeness." http://t.co/VLxQCkKJ


Thursday's Tweets

06:04 Finally got email from Apple that my iPhone 5 has shipped. Not exactly news, since I've been following its progress via UPS website.
07:42 @NikonUSA My GPS receiver. Makes reviewing after a road trip so much easier.
12:25 Anyone else notice the new pulldown animation in iOS 6 Mail? It's all wormy!


Monday's Tweets

07:55 @paulandstorm This nonsense goes back a long way: http://t.co/ZBhFlkm4 I suspect now it's just wish fulfillment by anti-abortion types.
10:01 @IsobelCarr And this is different from Creationism how exactly?
10:40 @IsobelCarr To that I would add a War on Compassion. If one has to invent a God, why not a kind one?
11:37 Tony Perkins sez Scott Brown support is shallow among Conservatives. But how is it with shallow Conservatives?http://t.co/ZOAlIjG5


Wednesday's Tweets

10:34 @JustaSunGod No, different conversations. The accusation came to my website. No reply to my rejection of their claim, at least not yet.


Sunday's Tweets

08:58 @billprady Guinness is better in Dublin, isn't it? As it should be.
21:17 Just introduced my friend Rachel to the wonders of #Farscape. Think she'll thank me?


Friday's Tweets

07:29 A happy birthday to @GeorgeTakei. Thanks for the lessons both in dignity and in not taking yourself too seriously.
10:55 @VictoriaDahl Radiant? Do they glow in the dark or something?


Tuesday's Tweets

11:29 Piece by @gruber explains my contempt for Mike Daisey. He made me angry at Apple, when they're doing the right things. http://t.co/7xSEj2vB
12:05 @billamend I'm with your son. Tried to read Catcher in the Rye a couple of years ago. Decided life's too short for that kind of torture.
12:06 RT @billamend: If only Salinger had given Holden Caulfield a pet dire wolf... [If only the wolf had eaten Holden Caulfield...]
12:42 Rick Santorum is the Gladys Kravitz of presidential candidates. http://t.co/o5qDB80l
17:30 Got a call out of the blue from a networking company about a job opening. With what I know and what I can fake, could be interesting.


Friday's Tweets

10:47 Newt as GOP nominee would be so awesome, both for the journey and the likely outcome. http://t.co/boIR3vwm
11:18 RT @thinkgeek: Post-lunch dance break! Star Trek: TNG theme in ragtime: http://t.co/df4FczHz [More! I want more!]
15:14 It was worth donating real actual money to #savethebugle. But not much money. Probably less than I donated. Hey, can I change my mind?
15:18 Third phone interview this afternoon went very well. Am I setting myself up for major disappointment, or is this headed somewhere good?