Disorderly Content


Friday's Tweets

20:39 First episode of @SockPupptTheatr is up! And it's funny! And loud! And full of bad words! And the world's best voice talent!
21:23 I'm gonna guess that everyone else's LinkedIn endorsements are roughly as accurate as mine. Mine are in the realm of fantasy.
22:43 @Lomara Might have been me. A coworker told me about it. I'll see him tomorrow night in SF.


Wednesday's Tweets

05:34 Chutzpah #1: http://t.co/lhiV7FH5 Chutzpah #2: http://t.co/zTmS0xLN
09:21 @HelloTheFuture Cruise? There's a cruise? Why didn't I know about this? Oh, wait...
15:40 Wow, talk about your celebrity endorsements! http://t.co/I8WQx41Y
16:43 Almost time to head to my friend Carol's for candy duty. Got my suspenders on. Just need the shoes and my glorious brown coat and I'm set!


Friday's Tweets

18:04 One man performs Les Miz, and very well indeed. http://t.co/tHy5bTPZ (Thank you, @cscweitz for passing it along!)


Tuesday's Tweets

12:06 Mitt: Who you gonna believe, me or my lying book? http://t.co/VLVOQSS9


Saturday's Tweets

08:11 MSFT Surface: when even your biggest fans think you're full of crap. http://t.co/ArRutI0S
09:24 Finally have my cabin assignment for my Alaska cruise. Two weeks from today!
09:28 @JustaSunGod We go as far north as Glacier Bay. Stops in Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan & Victoria, BC. Finally, my 50th state!
09:36 For some reason, the phrase "putting all your eggs in one basket" comes to mind. The downside of the cloud: http://t.co/gSeK3Hbx
12:47 Thursday night at dinner in Boston we were puzzling over a photo of Paul Newman wearing a Star of David. Just figured it out. So proud.
15:41 Reading the D800 manual while I wait for the battery to charge. Wait... wait... wait... Still not done?
15:53 I just backed Marian Call European Adventure Quest!!! on @Kickstarter http://t.co/qFCZfHIn My mom taught me to share. Even with Europeans.


Thursday's Tweets

18:44 Started the day at the dentist. Finished by depositing my first paycheck from the new job. Pretty good day overall.


Monday's Tweets

18:42 Huh. It appears I'm employable after all.
20:29 Has anyone ever made a pizza flavored snack food that actually tastes anything like pizza?


Saturday's Tweets

08:12 Mad Magazine on the iPad. Nirvana! http://t.co/84Vl3zWD
16:20 Aha! @TheTweetOfGod explains the Romney campaign. It's quantum physics! http://t.co/FKrmh2jb
16:40 The name says it all: http://t.co/NAEaHrDf


Wednesday's Tweets

07:55 As we deplore The Lorax selling SUVs, it may help to remember that Dr. Seuss was an ad man. http://t.co/T65boiYa
10:55 Bizarre and impressive: the James Bond Theme performed by quadcopters. http://t.co/7NLQXyO2
10:57 Goodbye, David Jones. I'll be singing Daydream Believer & Shades of Gray in my head all day in your honor.
14:10 @mttmrphy Thanks for being part of our #JoCoCruiseCrazy adventure. You rock!


Tuesday's Tweets

14:12 Happy birthday, @petersagal. You know what they say: you're not getting older... No, wait. You *are* getting older.
16:54 According to Forbes (& @stephenfry), Foxconn workers have it far better than their countrymen. Boycott Apple? Uh, no. http://t.co/qOT83avp
18:44 I set up a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood as a FU to Repugs. Now it's also a FU to @komenforthecure. Gutless bastards.