Disorderly Content


Saturday's Tweets

18:30 Was I always such a lousy driver in rain at night, or is this something new?
18:32 Having a nice Italian dinner before I see Billy Connolly. Worth the drive and the traffic and the rain.
19:28 Photo at Marines Memorial is a young Burgess Meredith. I was sure it was Shemp Howard!
23:25 Billy Connolly was hysterical! Well worth the freeways and streets full of rain. Glad I made the trip to SF.


Thursday's Tweets

09:24 Fun night distributing sweets in Los Altos last night. Glad I brought an emergency supply; we went through most everything we had.
10:56 After #sandy, it's clear to all that Mitt calling FEMA immoral is itself immoral. Even Mitt can see that. http://t.co/RTCVaXHe
20:55 Yeah, pretty sure Chuck Lorre was right about the censors. And about the uncensored version. http://t.co/1Ut1P9PP


Monday's Tweets

08:00 Ohio votes could be discarded because poll workers are idiots. Really. http://t.co/8h7xNlGn


Saturday's Tweets

15:53 @paulandstorm @PFTompkins @letsgetshort @janiehaddad That explains it. I wondered what a pencil lol was.


Wednesday's Tweets

10:39 Seems Apple didn't copy Sony; Sony actually copied Apple. Poor deluded Samsung. Or are they just lying liars? http://t.co/XIssXfJk
18:31 Why this Chick-fil-A business is about a whole lot more than free speech. http://t.co/GjhbT9QV
20:44 Anybody want some free @mariancall music? I have DL codes, and she's cool with it.


Sunday's Tweets

11:38 My MacBook's trackpad is tracking randomly or not at all. Waiting at the Apple Store for my Genius Bar appointment. How's your Sunday going?
13:12 Quick visit to the Apple Store. It'll take a few days to get my MBPS back, but it'll be free. Lucky trackpad died with a month of warranty.
14:38 There are far too many dark gray Camrys around here.
15:55 RT @pourmecoffee: Kudos to this guy for playing it ultra-straight: http://t.co/Njmi0SfW [Explains the Amazon outage.]
20:35 Great. Rob Schneider is the new Jenny McCarthy, a thought that makes me a little bit nauseous. And I watched ¡Rob! http://t.co/MO7c7wrB
20:55 What to use while my MBP is in repair? Work ThinkPad? I think not. Old MacBook? Could do, but I'm spending all my time with my iPad.


Friday's Tweets

18:58 RT @pourmecoffee: "46% of Americans believe God created humans in their present form within the last 10k years" http://t.co/SZN70aM0 [Gack!]
19:15 RT @ItsJennaMarbles: Gay marriage is legal in 6 states. Having sex with a horse is legal in 23. Good going America. [It is to weep.]
21:40 Amazon gave me a delivery date for my D800. Well, sorta; some time between late June and late July. Vague much?


Tuesday's Tweets

12:04 8am start tomorrow for my @MythBusters experiment. And it's a 2 hour drive from here. What *have* I done?
15:06 RIM stages event at Sydney Apple Store in desperate grab for attention & relevance, fails at the latter. http://t.co/bcxvCLxx
15:09 Funny. Saw a tweet that said what I wanted to say, realized it was mine. Shouldn't change my avatar; it only confuses me.
17:17 @nprscottsimon Surely that's more elegant, brilliant, beautiful and cosmopolitan than asking "Who farted?", isn't it?
17:20 "The incompleteness of the (new BlackBerry) phone only becomes apparent when it is switched on." (It can't make calls.) http://t.co/FEKjKgO9
20:25 Thanks to @KevinPollak's Chat Show, need to reconsider the musical Wicked. Saw it in SF & wasn't thrilled. They rewrote it right after that.


Sunday's Tweets

08:44 Am I just cranky, or are this year's April Fool stunts particularly lame and annoying?
15:31 No, http://change.org, repeating Mike Daisey's lies about Apple doesn't make you heroic or even relevant. It makes you gullible idiots.
15:33 RT @neiltyson: Yup. If pasta & antipasta ever touch, they annihilate. That's why restaurants never serve them together. [The man's a god.]
19:23 @GeekandSundry I waited 8 1/2 hours in line for my iPhone 4. How's that?
19:33 @GeekandSundry San Francisco to Sydney for a Farscape convention. Twice.
20:05 @Lomara I got to talk to @FeliciaDay! How cool was that?
20:06 I just got to spend a few seconds on the @GeekandSundry Google+ hangout! Talked with @FeliciaDay and everything!
21:04 @AnneWheaton You are having *way* too much fine with them googly eyes!
21:50 Crap. My mom gave me plain paper napkins with my school lunches. Clearly she didn't love me at all. http://t.co/BS7xr2iK


Thursday's Tweets

09:34 RT @VictoriaDahl: “@TPM: BREAKING: Senate votes 51-48 to kill Blunt amendment http://t.co/ZqyMA4iJ” Yes! Yes, yes, YES! [Too damn close.]
10:05 RT @ebertchicago: Andrew Breitbart: "I liked being hated more than I liked being liked." http://t.co/fo5xRB87 [Mission accomplished.]
17:56 Wisconsin legislator proposes most misogynist law yet, equating single parents to child abuse. Wow. http://t.co/2uRK4AOw
18:57 RT @BreakingNews: New Zealand's iconic but quake-crippled Christ Church Cathedral to be demolished - http://t.co/EnYY0qkb [Tragic.]
19:18 Someone should tell Sarah Palin that keeping quiet would be a better strategy. Oh, someone has? Several someones? http://t.co/0IahA7Xs


Wednesday's Tweets

08:17 Even if he means well, Mitt sure says stupid things: "I'm not concerned with the very poor." http://t.co/89AOcrbL
10:31 Paul of @paulandstorm demonstrates his total awesomeness. Storm, you're up. http://t.co/AopITr1e (They sing nice too.)
10:37 Speaking of awesomeness, how did I survive Saturday mornings without Space Stallions? http://t.co/NefRMfGJ
11:02 Robotics research explains why the better we get to know Mitt, the more uncomfortable he makes us. http://t.co/0SPaot77
11:57 @pemalevy Three big names? I see only two.
16:21 Austin really knows how to do Valentines Day. http://t.co/2pxDc8FA
16:23 Need more evidence that Bill O'Reilly is an idiot? Besides that "tide goes in, tide goes out" nonsense, I mean. http://t.co/kXZbOrvv


Sunday's Tweets

08:44 My resolution for 2012: stop playing most Facebook games, which I kept playing because stopping would admit what a waste of time they are.
14:18 Listening to @CarTalk, and one *special* caller. A Mustang trunk full of compost? Grounds for divorce, I'd say. Or commitment. Maybe both.
14:50 Listening now to @OnTheMedia. Pieces about moderating blog comments match my own admin experience. Free speech meets civil speech.
17:08 Just listened to the latest Red Panda episode from @Decoder_Ring. Show just keeps getting better. http://t.co/KEwtZ9Ri
18:45 Is this how old age begins? I find myself watching a rerun of Murder She Wrote. How did this happen?