Disorderly Content


Monday's Tweets

11:31 A new @SockPupptTheatr? But it's only Monday! Gonna be a good week... http://t.co/eOkzH8H4
18:25 Via @counternotions, quite possibly the dumbest tech journalism ever. Even John Dvorak isn't this awful. http://t.co/BnUpDFoo
18:51 @VictoriaDahl Not true. Although I've never thought of you as frail, ethereal you have by the bucket.
21:39 My backup drive died. So now I have backups going to the new drive (6TB!) from both my Macs. Gonna take a *long* time...


Saturday's Tweets

08:41 A serious question: how does the Mormon Church feel about an ordained minister lying & countenancing lies told in his behalf?


Monday's Tweets

10:21 RT @GOPLeader Today, we celebrate those who have taken a risk, worked hard, built a business and earned their own success. [Uh, no. Wrong.]
17:52 The downside of shooting an amazing model yesterday is all the editing I'll do for days and days. http://t.co/1ZsiQde6


Friday's Tweets

07:19 I want one. Don't need one. But still want one. http://t.co/c8eWKdxb
09:58 RT @JustaSunGod: They "were" the Droids they were looking for! http://t.co/U7Ws8mnr [There goes my job security.]
10:06 Interesting. Where an Internet-famous musician makes her money: http://t.co/GIXwXPee (Spoiler: it's iTunes & Bandcamp.)


Tuesday's Tweets

10:44 RT @byobrooks: Oh my God! They killed Sean Bean! You bastards! http://t.co/kfuiznr2 [At least he survives Sharpe's Rifles. My favorites!]
14:49 @macosken Wizmark? Seriously?
15:35 I'll be damned! There really is a urinal communicator. From a company called Wizmark! Now that's marketing! http://t.co/kGuocH1D
15:36 @macosken I think you meant sights. But wow, they really do exist.


Sunday's Tweets

09:19 Inspired! Holmes & Watson meet Pinky & The Brain. http://t.co/iTxfPJmK
15:48 My impressions of Cisco from working there were less than positive. Reading this doesn't change that. http://t.co/SsUnMtS1
16:56 Sick & twisted version of John Malkovitch iPhone ad. http://t.co/jR149OKI


Thursday's Tweets

07:50 Today's lesson: when the truck arrives to service the port-a-potties, run! Run like the wind!
12:05 @KimEtzel84 I follow @MythBusters and saw a tweet asking for volunteers. That's all it took.
15:37 Thanks to @jamienotweet & @donttrythis for an amazing couple of days. If @mythbusters asks for volunteers again, I'll be on line.
16:26 Have Kindle Fire & e-ink Kindle sales fallen apart? Sure looks that way. http://t.co/Xfybr02T


Tuesday's Tweets

12:37 Test to see if I believe in jynxes: Just back from a first interview at a software firm. It went very well. Followup next week or two.
12:52 @paulandstorm @petersagal Worst cyclops ever.
14:06 @KimberlyMarvel Thanks, honey. I miss you, and so does my camera.
14:48 Best Titanic review ever! http://t.co/r8y0jNH4 (I watched it on a plane. Walked out half way through.)
17:25 @AnneWheaton Sure, you've got the legs for it.
19:57 RT @RealNichelle: Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office - Live Long & Prosper! http://t.co/jMj1R5QU [The Trekkie in me goes SQUEE!]


Saturday's Tweets

10:39 Sorry, Carbonite CEO, but that's not remotely good enough. http://t.co/hgXlZW0O
15:54 Sorry, Rush, but I'm not impressed. That apology is about as sincere as anything else you've ever said or done. http://t.co/Nb7UKitH
17:08 Carbonite went from "we'll talk to Rush" to "we'll withdraw our advertising" in a matter of hours. Power to the people! http://t.co/itwv8ABi
17:24 Sharing cruise photos with my Sea Monkey friends makes me miss them something awful. http://t.co/Rp5Io48K
18:05 Beware the towel monkey! http://t.co/FD59eiTP #JoCoCruiseCrazy
19:16 RT @pourmecoffee: It's really slutty out there tonight. Everyone be careful. [Careful? It sounds delightful!]


Friday's Tweets

08:24 How many will forgive @komenforthecure now they've reversed their appalling actions? How many will believe them? How many will trust them?
08:30 @KeithOlbermann Planned Parenthood should take the money. Helping women is what matters. @komenforthecure forgot all about that.
08:34 @pemalevy No, I think they were just reminded that there's a difference between prosecution and persecution.
09:00 @wilw Red Riding Hood, standing by.
09:26 Oh, Unicode, you have a character for *everything*. Even a pile of poo: 💩 (An import from Japanese emoji, I'm told.) http://t.co/IWzLRFAf
09:40 So @komenforthecure didn't really change anything. Looks like it's all spin for the media. http://t.co/56tk98CV
12:52 @KariByron But did you read the Urban Dictionary entry for "Kari Byron"? It redeems them in my eyes. http://t.co/efOwCiDq 3rd paragraph
13:32 @cschweitz At least it looked like hair back then, not vinyl.
20:07 He's cute, but he's no Crispin Glover. http://t.co/2MZQqXCF


Tuesday's Tweets

09:37 Mitt Romney's best arguments are a series of lies. Why aren't the press pushing back harder? http://t.co/Ro6tp174
10:15 @MarvinEQuasniki Just be sure not to overwater the cactus if you win it.
11:08 Hey, Iowans! Vote for @MarvinEQuasniki, the only candidate who isn't a Koch Brothers puppet!
11:26 RT @jess_mc: My TV just told me Santorum is on everyone's tongue. [That's disgusting!]
11:32 Mitt on jobs: "Who you gonna believe? Me, or your lyin' eyes?" http://t.co/eiyul4oR
17:32 Getting excited about #JoCoCruiseCrazy, now about 6.5 weeks away. My official tee shirt is on order, as is my fez. Yes, I did say fez.
18:13 In case we had any doubt that @RonPaul is kind of a dick: http://t.co/yEgufeEs
18:24 RT @pemalevy: RT @BuddyRoemer: BREAKING: Nobody in Iowa knows I exist. #LetBuddyDebate [Are you sure you do?]
23:11 RT @StephenAtHome: If you, or someone you love, is a corporation, do not sign this. http://t.co/w3ZMU2BM [I'm not, so I did.]