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Monday's Tweets

13:34 Yay!!!!!! We get a concert film! @ThrillingAdv Also, Nooooooooo!! (Latest podcast episode.)


Friday's Tweets

10:13 How long before I stop trying to plug my headphones into the top of my iPhone?
10:34 GOP makes it obvious they only care about winning, no matter how many people suffer. No suffering, no victory. http://t.co/wLGK7t0W
11:48 A CAPTCHA That tests for empathy? Philip K. Dick would be so proud. http://t.co/2Ipa53ZY
12:02 Hmmm... IMDB says my episode of @MythBusters will air this Sunday, but http://t.co/Or98SOVN lists Titanic episode. Call me frustrated.
12:30 Doesn't matter what you think, Mitt Romney agrees with you. http://t.co/keeCDwHa
22:30 RT @thingxinc: It is time. It is here. The here is now and it is now here so you have to be there, too. Now. http://t.co/T9d6Huns [Zombo!]


Wednesday's Tweets

14:46 Paul Ryan: run faster, climb higher than most anybody. Or just lies more and bigger. http://t.co/76MQlDxR
16:58 "He claimed an honor that he never earned." in re Paul Ryan http://t.co/nyCYNmrj
18:20 Downtown San Jose. Thai for dinner, then a play at @SJRep. Starring that Kartheiser guy. You know, Angel's kid.
20:45 Intermission. No idea where the play is going, but I'm enjoying the ride. "The Death of the Novel" world premiere. @SJRep
20:56 Catching up on DNC via Twitter while I wait for Act 2. Proud to be a Dem.
22:45 The set for tonight's play was on a turntable. First time it moved, I wanted to sing "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow!"


Sunday's Tweets

11:59 @PFTompkins Great extrasode, Paul. I wish this Chick-fil-a business was just about gay marriage, but it's much more. http://t.co/GjhbT9QV
16:03 iPhone podcast app left some podcasts on my phone I couldn't get rid of. Had to wipe & reinstall, but they're all gone now.
18:44 Too cool! Almost as good as @jonathancoulton's version, and with a video too! http://t.co/2K3xnNWx


Thursday's Tweets

16:14 See, Mitt? These are proper Venn diagrams. http://t.co/851P1SiB
18:16 Hah! http://t.co/ijMWRvx1
19:30 Pale Reader #worstwesternsever
20:33 True Grout #worstwesternsever


Tuesday's Tweets

06:47 Met unemployed computer guy last night. He went on about why Macs are pretty but useless for real work. Not surprised he's out of work.
07:15 Primary day in California. How can I not vote for Birther Queen Orly Taitz for President? Must. Resist. Evil. Thoughts!
09:10 I voted, so democracy is safe for a while longer. Even avoided voting for Orly Taitz for Senator. So proud.


Thursday's Tweets

16:11 Visit to Sequoia Natl Park in early April not the best idea. Snow, hail, mountain roads and construction. But I survived it all!


Monday's Tweets

10:04 Oh, Lorax. Your message was so loud and clear. What made you give up what you once held so dear? http://t.co/5oLzvZgm
10:19 Bad week for Rush. Turns out it's not just advertisers who are abandoning His Assholiness. http://t.co/iukADAFw
10:47 Wow. iPad + iPhone + app + case = digital ukulele. Just the thing for the next #JoCoCruiseCrazy http://t.co/GRMRcrX5
10:48 Why was Rush's apology so lame? Maybe because he isn't a bit sorry. (Duh.) http://t.co/ilEVkxDy
12:00 SC County GOP marches proudly into... wait, was there a time before premarital sex & porn? http://t.co/CkhII9WJ
12:48 Listen to @waitwait's @PeterSagal extoll @onthemedia's Bob Garfield for beating up on those who so deserve it. http://t.co/grOjGLjR
19:10 @mariancall "It's not you, it's me. (But it's probably you.)" - #MariansComputer
20:50 RT @StephenAtHome: Advertisers are abandoning Rush Limbaugh. Where will Summer's Eve find a spokesperson now? [Ouch!]


Sunday's Tweets

12:11 WTF? Is this really winter? Or has global warming come early?
15:35 Okay, I finally got that. http://t.co/mlSbAgTn
15:39 Good news: I got canvas sneakers for my upcoming horseback ride in the surf. Now all I have to do is pack. (Oh, and laundry first.)
15:40 Bad news: drove all the way to Casa de Fruta to discover they don't have romano ranch flavor pistachios any more. I am inconsolable.
16:55 @doxiecare Can Doxie scan driver's licenses (rigid plastic)? That's my primary application for a portable scanner.
18:39 Too big for a phone. Too small for a tablet. It's the Samsung Galaxy Note! (Jeepers!) http://t.co/9CCAZYBX
19:17 Weird. Just got the same robocall on my home and cell phones. In Hebrew. Which I don't understand.
19:21 @Elise_Logan What's weird is getting calls on my two different lines a few minutes apart.
20:49 @EndTheRoboCalls Caller ID reports as 650-660-9966. Nothing from Google, assuming they haven't spoofed the number.
21:01 @EndTheRoboCalls No audio, I'm afraid. That didn't occur to me.


Thursday's Tweets

09:51 Extremist Santorum in his own words. http://t.co/QKuCQenm
10:04 Will Bunch: A Pennsylvanian's Guide to the Rick Santorum You Don't Know http://t.co/n7OEcHvb
11:28 Those who refuse to learn from personal tragedy are Rick Santorum. http://t.co/l9xSaIQe
14:19 A wookiee hoodie. Awful and awesome at the same time. http://t.co/asmXl7wV
17:43 @joshtpm Newtken?
19:05 @VictoriaDahl But Victoria, the fundamental principle of religion is that anyone who believes differently must be morally, hopelessly wrong!