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Monday's Tweets

15:06 Dammit, @reduced, your latest podcast made me cry. A Merry Christmas to you all, in spite of that 12th day story.


Saturday's Tweets

17:05 RT @petersagal: Oh, man. http://t.co/mrjwq8LK [Pop up? Really?]
21:49 Watching BIlly Connelly's Route 66 on Netflix Instant. I love the Mother Road almost as much as he does. http://t.co/fTx2SdJ1


Wednesday's Tweets

20:14 I had to create a 2nd Kickstarter account, but I just made another pledge to @ThrillingAdv. Want to be in the audience for the concert film!


Monday's Tweets

09:23 Surprise: AT&T HSPA+ (what they call 4G) is amazingly fast on the iPhone 5. Not LTE speed but close enough for me.
10:29 Mr. Small Govt Romney grabbed $1.5 billion in Federal money for Salt Lake Olympics. Hypocrite much, Mitt? http://t.co/lZSjPEN0
13:18 I'm normally opposed to violence, but can't see this as anything but poetic justice. http://t.co/aNR8W5Cw


Friday's Tweets

14:55 I've heard of people who keep fighting the last war (Civil War much?), but this is ridiculous even for these guys. http://t.co/hlbQoMZ8
16:59 RT @wilw: My iPad keeps saying "One BILLION dollars," like it's Doctor Evil, and Anne's iPhone just changed its name to Minime. [Hee!]
17:01 The jury sides with Apple against Samsung. Couldn't imagine how it could go otherwise, but feared it would. Blatantly copy at your peril.
18:33 @VictoriaDahl I'm certainly awful. Really, really awful.
19:23 @RonHogan @VictoriaDahl The heck you are, Ron! (See how awful I can be?)
19:25 Listening to @yakkopinky interview June Foray. I met Ms. Foray 25 years ago at a Mensa thing. She was gracious and sweet. Glad she still is.
19:31 @RonHogan @VictoriaDahl I'm so awful, Darth Vader takes awful lessons from me.
19:33 @VictoriaDahl Can't think of anyone I'd rather be awful to. @ronhogan
20:32 @TheStevenWeber Clearly these dipshits don't. @reduced Bible show is funny; only the most repressed could be offended. http://t.co/SQQTpoia


Tuesday's Tweets

06:47 Yakko's Universe to be covered by @mariancall? That'll be cool. Even better would be a duet with @yakkopinky. Nerdvana.
11:30 And I thought our visit to Glacier Bay was cool. Holy shit! http://t.co/f0IZXBhj
13:05 Just shipped my brand new camera off to Nikon for repair. Not happy.
20:39 Mitt Romney wants to renew the special relationship with the UK. Guy's our very own White Man's Burden. http://t.co/W6GzwXOn


Sunday's Tweets

07:54 Why won't the press acknowledge what's obvious: that Mitt's campaign sits on a mountain of lies? http://t.co/R56x3qxx
14:58 Back from shoot #1 today. Supposed to have another this afternoon, but model still hasn't said where we're to shoot. Color me irritated.
14:59 When is a hands-on review not remotely hands-on? When it's a MSFT product. Surface reviews only scratch the surface. http://t.co/DjK5X521
15:18 18 reasons Obamacare is a good thing for the Middle Class: http://t.co/kIwINLmg
15:44 Who cares about Dems, women and minorities? Obviously, nobody in network news gives a shit. http://t.co/txetfazM
19:40 @Molly23 Have you been overdosing on caffeine pills?


Thursday's Tweets

07:46 Last night's photo shoot. Not my usual subject. http://t.co/NVFQlxxT
17:05 I needed GoToMeeting to view an old web video. No problem; they have a 30 day trial. Problem: they demand a credit card to get it. Uh, no.
17:26 @GoToMeeting Thanks. That helps a lot.


Tuesday's Tweets

07:52 Fox News' Steve Doocy lies about his earlier lies, clarifies nothing except that he's a partisan hack. http://t.co/76DRp2az
08:00 A sequel to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Sounds better than the original book. Wonder if I can get it on my iPhone... http://t.co/hMETPEES
09:22 Consistency is a virtue, right? Consistently wrong, not so much. Pundit fantasies on GOP nominees: http://t.co/lWxnOhEG (I blame the drugs.)
11:00 Just paid for my July cruise to Alaska. Guess that makes it real now, huh? State #50, I'm coming to see you.
14:35 http://t.co/kb9NPyRu So now you know.
14:53 Best product reviews EVER! http://t.co/u2Da0k4W
18:15 Had one of those experiences that remind me of how much I hate going into Fry's. Not exactly bait & switch, but not far off.
18:19 Installing a Wii has given me a headache. I blame Rachel and her Rock Band party.
23:10 A little excitement at my friend's studio tonight. Someone amused himself by setting a dumpster on fire. Many thanks to the Santa Clara FD.


Saturday's Tweets

09:16 I have a new favorite web comic. Little League, about the Justice League when they were little! http://t.co/SUbOnzld
11:40 Errands in the rain. Not fun. It's cold, gray and wet. Okay, only slightly cold. Cold-ish. But still not fun.


Tuesday's Tweets

14:59 @reduced Maybe if you filmed it instead of standing on a stage with an actual audience...
15:35 @reduced Sorry, but all my spare cash is tied up in debts like every other good American.
15:36 Looks like claims for massive Jewish support for Romney campaign are as phony as everything else about the man. http://t.co/eJ3NnOFa
16:42 @paulandstorm Gilligan Cut recalls regular bit on F-Troop. "I don't know why everybody says you're so dumb." Cut to: "WHO says I'm dumb?"
17:52 RT @Cackowski: Great @ThrillingAdv cast photo from @SFSketchfest :http://t.co/EWK3fm3i [You guys were amazing!]
17:54 Nice of Mitt to release tax returns today. Makes the State of the Union so much more compelling. Call it the Romney Rule!
21:01 @VictoriaDahl This Guy's is a Single Guy? Gee, that's a shocker.
21:41 @VictoriaDahl Caress your bones? Was that more of that sexytalk I keep hearing about?
21:43 @IsobelCarr That was great. Wonder what @StephenAtHome was thinking during the Sendak interview. I'd have been busting up.