Disorderly Content


Wednesday's Tweets

07:18 RT @Decoder_Ring: Amazon has analyzed my likes and dislikes enough to once again suggest I buy my own books. [They're that good.]
12:25 RT @paulandstorm: [P] #jococruisecrazy site inspection report: towel animals have been confirmed. #JCCC3 [Be afraid. Be very afraid.]
20:43 Guess I'm not the only one who thought Robert Bork was an unrepentant turd. http://t.co/59XnFgPu


Monday's Tweets

09:38 @MagdaSzubanski Definitely a Furlow fan. Although I loved you in Babe and the few eps of Kath & Kim I've seen.
11:25 A fine shoot this morning, a good cheap Thai lunch, and now ready for shoot #2. Today's starting well.
20:38 Today's final tally: six hours shooting three amazing models, followed by a Cajun dinner with model #3. All in all, a pretty fine day.


Friday's Tweets

04:15 Riding through early morning rain to Dulles. Flying home in a few hours.
07:09 Just boarded my flight and settled in, only to be told we're delayed two hour due to conditions in SF. I knew things were going too well...
08:54 2nd attempt to board my flight going better. Maybe we'll leave the gate this time.
10:07 Something Is truly screwed up at Amazon. (Deleting reviews.) http://t.co/3wmFDQsL
12:34 Just flew by Alliance, Nebraska, home of Carhenge. http://t.co/Zq9AJJAe


Wednesday's Tweets

06:21 @Brian_Cowie I like the D800 a lot. Still getting used to full frame, and the resolution is crazy. But I'm getting some great images.
10:18 Upgrading my iPad to iOS 6. Wish me luck!
12:36 iPad is now running iOS 6. Would have been sooner, but I was trapped in a meeting. Looks good so far.
13:48 Debated whether to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 6 with the new one on the way. Decided to go for it. Upgrade has begun...


Sunday's Tweets

13:19 This GOP pinhead is leading in the polls? I weep for America. http://t.co/GqGkSD2V
13:40 Via @io9, what if someone else had written The Lord of the Rings? I'd love to read some of these. But only some... http://t.co/aB1bhnBp
13:53 William Windom is dead? "DON'T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT?" (Farewell, Commodore Decker. Also Congressman Morley.)
16:58 I just bought: 'Fifty Shades of Red Riding Hood' by R. R. Hood via @amazonkindle (I'm so ashamed.) http://t.co/nFuHUpqk


Thursday's Tweets

09:41 Ketchikan. Gray, chilly and soggy. Finally we gave real Alaska weather. Canada tomorrow, then Seattle and home on Saturday.
09:42 Real photographers don't let a little rain stop them. Clearly, I am not a real photographer. http://t.co/U1e2y0vL
14:03 Leaving Ketchikan. Next stop, Victoria, BC.


Tuesday's Tweets

05:42 Just received an email accusing me of plagiarizing a photo, which is a lie. Heck, it's not even that great or original a photo.
17:21 @shelbyfero What's wrong? You have a problem with smirky aging frat boys?
17:39 @lizbelsky We're not? Hey, now that you mention it, we're really not.
20:28 Thanks to @yakkopinky's podcast, listening to Julie & Steve Bernstein's music at http://t.co/WePkSYgo Why is none of their work on iTunes?
20:46 @cschweitz So it's all trashy and glamorous, except for the glamor part?


Saturday's Tweets

09:38 It's a sluggish Saturday after my first full week at work. I'll run a few errands. But not yet.
17:45 "Why Wasn't I Consulted?", the basic question that explains and drives the Web. This is amazing stuff. http://t.co/DaFyWbUz


Thursday's Tweets

09:11 RT @alwayscoffee: Guys, is a Magic 8 ball still an acceptable decision-making tool? I'm, uh, asking for a friend. [Reply hazy, ask again.]
09:12 In a haze this morning. Saw Spamalot with friends last night in SF, followed by late ice cream attack. Good judgment in short supply.
09:37 An interesting and distressing history of so-called truth drugs. Movies make this stuff seem so simple and true. http://t.co/FbpAJu1E
10:44 Call to my cell with no message turns out to be political survey/cruise deal. Found whole thread on this scam by Googling phone number.
20:30 @AnneWheaton Koalas are so unreal, aren't they? Cuter than any creature has a right to be.


Monday's Tweets

06:31 Reading @Molly23's tweets, I can only conclude that it's possible to find someone adorable and disturbing at one and the same time.
06:44 @alwayscoffee Look back about 8 hours in @Molly23's Twitter stream and you'll understand my appreciation/concern.
06:45 @alwayscoffee Also, you're way too far to the adorable side of the adorable/disturbing continuum. And so was she, until now.
06:47 Santorum is consistent in his positions, if by that we mean consistently offensive to non-prigs. http://t.co/3r0uyV9K
06:51 @alwayscoffee Not wrong at all. Even better if you've met @Molly23. http://t.co/OQKBXvzV
07:16 @alwayscoffee Speaking of adorable & disturbing, here's my first exposure to @Molly23: http://t.co/8fpMMHvq
09:44 RT @VictoriaDahl: From your nationwide bestselling blockbuster hit Fifty Shades of Grey! http://t.co/1NBvxFDz [I will *never* unhear that.]
15:56 Oooh, pretty. (ASCII art.) http://t.co/h38vfZpb


Sunday's Tweets

04:22 It's cruise day, and I feel like hell. Might have something to do with my total lack of sleep. Must find coffee.
06:04 This is new. Hotel WiFi says too many people are on, so I can't be one of them. It's because I'm Jewish, isn't it?
09:33 JoCo sighting! Waiting to check in and board the Westerdam. #jococruisecrazy
10:15 Paul of @paulandstorm sighting! Found my cabin, which is too cute. http://t.co/GRMR7t2u
10:18 Oh, and just had a @mariancall sighting. I'm squeeing inside. Which my phone tried to turn into squeezing, which would be wrong.
10:37 Okay, time to stop tweeting and start drinking. http://t.co/N160K9N7
10:57 A piña colada on the Lido Deck is good. A piña colada with a shot of rum on top is even better.
11:28 Spicy food makes me hiccough. Drinking this Bloody Mary gave me hiccoughs. Ergo, this Bloody Mary is spicy. QED. Also yum.
11:34 @billamend Yeah, what's up with that? You (or at least Jason) should really be here!
12:18 @Lomara Not this time; she was with someone, her accompanist I think. But I will. She's really nice. Oh, and I saw @Molly23 as well.


Thursday's Tweets

09:53 Sad that Rick Perry's out, even if he wasn't as consistently entertaining as Bachmann & Cain. Can Newt & Ron Paul step up their game?
09:56 RT @cschweitz: "I have no questions that Newt Gingrich has the heart of a conservative," @GovernorPerry says. [In a box under the bed?]
10:25 New Colbert Super PAC attacks Colbert, tells SC voters to choose Herman Cain. Wait, isn't that what Colbert wants? http://t.co/3THLTYyl
13:08 Did Mitt Romney game the laws around IRAs & 401K to reduce his taxes even further? Sure looks that way. http://t.co/9v0JAJSy
16:48 Okay, new backup disk acquired. Backups have begun on both my computers. Gonna be a while.
16:59 Gosh, Newt got Food Stamps story wrong? No trips to Hawaii? I for one am shocked. http://t.co/tu04Yr64
17:03 @joshtpm I'm guessing they don't count Black dignity as a value that matters.
17:04 Thought I'd speed up my network with a couple of Gigabit Ethernet switches. Works great on my MacBook Pro. My Mac Mini? Not so much.
20:44 Watching Big Bang Theory and heard my phone go off. No message, so what was it? Now I figured it out: it was Penny texting Leonard! #tbbt
21:13 @VictoriaDahl Yep: Vaunted: boast about or praise (something), esp. excessively
21:16 @VictoriaDahl On my Mac, double tap with three fingers gets me definition, thesaurus & Wikipedia entry.
21:26 @VictoriaDahl If you use a trackpad, it sure does.