Disorderly Content


Thursday's Tweets

05:23 "A rhesus monkey could have beaten Ms. Taitz." Ah, if only. http://t.co/1y5k1rcw
18:35 Back from a corporate portrait session. And not my corporate either; a commission!


Tuesday's Tweets

05:59 Election day. Hoping my Twitter & RSS feeds ease off considerably after today. Not all I'm hoping for today, but still.
07:30 There's a line at my local polling station. First time that's happened.
07:54 If they give me five stickers, does that mean I get to vote four more times?
08:14 Poll worker apologized for delay & thanked us for our patience. What's a few minutes, especially given what other places are dealing with?
08:59 @TheLewisBlack Voted in Mountain View, California. Forgive the self-portrait. http://t.co/uOFVaaqe
09:01 RT @petersagal: I wasn't gonna bother, but a bunch of celebrities on twitter said I had to http://t.co/SHSXhMtl [Always obey celebrities.]
11:57 Wait! #CactoidJim3012 was on the ballot? Is it too late for me to change my vote? @ThrillingAdv
20:46 Watching Colbert looking mock-upset at Obama's victory is just so sweet. As if the victory itself isn't enough.
20:51 RT @Lomara: Does tonight's election results mean I never have to see that douchey Paul Ryan workout photo ever again? [We can only hope.]
20:55 RT @feliciaday: 18 women senators in Jan?! That is truly awesome. #USA [Not enough.]


Saturday's Tweets

09:59 @billprady LTE is better/faster. 4G is AT&T's HSPA+; faster than 3G but nothing compared to LTE.
10:57 @ActuallyNPH Lost day 3 of Reno Balloon Race last month for the same reason. Frustrating, but day 2 was good.
11:22 @petersagal No, it's clearly not.
17:51 Two shoots today. Model #1 showed up right on time and was wonderfully photogenic. Off to pick up model #2 in a little bit.
23:47 Done with my second shoot of the day. Model delivered back to her lodging, gear all packed. Now I can sleep. I hope.


Thursday's Tweets

10:19 Repug ad with disillusioned Obama supporter is a lie. Have they no shame at all? http://t.co/P3o2dU1t
14:49 Damn. Nokia faked the video from their new phone, and they faked the still images too. http://t.co/QusLrwu6
15:49 Oh brother! Mitt Romney thinks Cold Fusion was real! http://t.co/Sltdj9XM


Monday's Tweets

07:24 RT @paulandstorm: [P] BREAKING: @MarsCuriosity discovers evidence of Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator. [Won't that be lovely!]
10:09 You know what's great about a 90 minute call with the Sales team first thing Monday morning? Not a damn thing, that's what.
18:15 @IsobelCarr Shows up fine to me. Have you tried a different browser?
21:57 @counternotions Because PJ believes the whole Open Source share everything philosophy. She's a zealot. And Apple isn't and doesn't.


Friday's Tweets

13:28 At the gate at SJC, waiting for a flight to Ontario. Photo shoot tomorrow in Riverside, which has become an annual thing.
14:08 So now I know: my new camera backpack will indeed fit under an airplane seat. That's a relief.
14:47 On the one hand, do I really need WiFi on a one hour flight? On the other, it was only $5. So here I am, tweeting from the stratosphere.
20:40 Driving a rental & using TomTom app to navigate. It made random loud gong sound. I wasn't speeding, so what? I passed a church? WTF!


Wednesday's Tweets

17:09 The story behind my absolute favorite song. http://t.co/xV569ikb


Sunday's Tweets

14:11 Oh my. http://t.co/pgyhBFhV @mariancall
14:13 John McCain, are you fucking kidding me? http://t.co/pX7F77XK
14:42 How exactly does a public company like Amazon get by telling us so little about its business? http://t.co/uBwzB6DK
17:41 I refuse to watch any more @MythBusters eps until the myth I did this week airs. Okay, that's a complete lie.


Friday's Tweets

16:29 @mariancall I did notice the resemblance. http://t.co/xTKpIifR
16:31 @AnneWheaton I just keep all my travel needs in the bag, replenishing as needed after every trip. Easier than figuring it out every time.
18:01 @JohnRossBowie Offer him a drink?
20:45 So there are people more excited about #JoCoCruiseCrazy3 than me! (Than I?) http://t.co/HhIjtQWD


Tuesday's Tweets

08:27 Robocall promises me I can save on my gas bill. Which would be great if I wasn't all electric here. Yay, shotgun marketing!
10:05 Just put my @netflix account on hold. It's called voting with my dollars. #boycottrush
10:12 @IsobelCarr War with Iran will be self-funding from the oil we take. Isn't that how the Iraq war worked out?
12:07 That was quick. Netflix clarified their stance on Rush. They didn't mean to advertise there and will be sure they don't again. Hold unheld.
12:14 @pemalevy Looks like @Netflix ad was a mistake, a local ad buy. They didn't intend to be an advertiser. http://t.co/8jO00Udb
14:55 Does Patricia Heaton lose roles because of her political views, or because she doesn't know when to STFU? http://t.co/Xfc75oPe
19:44 RT @joshtpm: Ohio def tightening in Mitts favor. http://t.co/s2ZpGiya [That doesn't sound sexual at all.]
20:54 @ebertchicago To be precise, it was an accident @netflix advertised on Rush's show in 1st place. A local ad buy they won't let happen again.


Monday's Tweets

06:56 Good to know Clint Eastwood is praising the Obama Administration for paying no attention to Clint Eastwood. http://t.co/BntEK8AW
07:03 You thought Trump endorsing Romney was about Mitt? Silly rabbit; it's always only about Trump. http://t.co/2uWgBD1F
10:30 Kansas Congresscritter mistakes Onion piece for news, proves he's as dumb as the voters who elected him. http://t.co/mx4nBWQx
11:50 Wait? Are you telling me Mitt's afraid Santorum will come from behind and finish first? http://t.co/bet4aOkn
15:33 @counternotions I'd call it engineering rather than science.
15:36 @counternotions No, no particular insight. Just a belief that science establishes the rules & the structure, engineering builds within them.
21:55 Okay, suddenly I'm motivated to get back to work. http://t.co/jnuJQ2vS (Do I need 36 megapixels? Hell no.)


Friday's Tweets

09:53 To MSFT, computers without a load of unnecessary crap are a special class of products. Welcome to Microsoft Signature! http://t.co/Wey5K6YS
09:59 Yep, it's obvious after you've seen it done. http://t.co/QAldgInK via @gruber
10:03 NAACP schools Gingrich on Food Stamps. (I'm stunned the all-knowing Newt got something wrong!) http://t.co/YgMWs5oE
16:48 I hate you, American Airlines. Outbound flight to Florida now 2.5 hrs later, gets in at 11pm. Return 2.5 hrs earlier, leaves 6am. Gah.
16:59 Santorum is a real dick, plays Blame the Victim with cancer survivor. http://t.co/8lcAig1I
17:09 @VictoriaDahl I'm having an actual spit take moment here.
17:19 Farewell, Johnny the shoeshine guy. Now where will we get all our answers? http://t.co/qQwBkNi1