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Tuesday's Tweets

15:40 Conservative principles? Is that like jumbo shrimp? http://t.co/zEihWpWK


Sunday's Tweets

14:43 Harry Reid was right after all. Mitt avoided paying any taxes at all for years. http://t.co/u7xFvOeZ
17:26 @stephenfry Some of us appreciate your opinions. I certainly do.
19:31 Every time you think you've seen the limits to the Romney campaign's insensitivity, they surprise you. http://t.co/nzk982rF
20:17 Okay, Apple, explain the logic of iPhone and iOS Photos showing my pictures in different orders. One's creation time, the other's mod time.


Thursday's Tweets

10:46 Lesson from spending 3 days commuting to San Francisco for JavaOne: you do not want to commute to SF. Ever. Also, avoid mixing alcohol. Eep.
14:46 @VictoriaDahl At least Sununu didn't call him shiftless.


Tuesday's Tweets

13:58 Fascinating article about user experience online and in apps. http://t.co/q89C0hSE
14:08 So Paul Ryan's numbers are a little off. What's a factor of 29 between friends?http://t.co/SavgWjCy
16:26 Oh, the shock of biting down on an M&M, thinking it's kind of stale and then realizing it's actually a Skittle.
18:29 RT @DCdebbie: GOP Candidate Wants Life Sentences For Rape Victims Who Obtain Abortions http://t.co/89zTL3p8 [Unbelievable.]


Saturday's Tweets

09:43 @alwayscoffee Did somebody really type "a fore mentioned"? Could be worse. They might have spelled it "four".
13:38 Douglas Adams provides an object lesson in censorship producing better (or at least funnier) art. http://t.co/JJiuk9Jg
15:50 Gee, I can have 1000s of new followers? How? By spamming them like you just spammed me? Thanks, but no.


Wednesday's Tweets

07:10 Right winger at 13, Obama supporter at 17. Guess even Conservatives are capable of growth. Some of 'em, anyway. http://t.co/gAqZdrPU
14:44 Drove down to Morgan Hill to test out my new camera. So far I like it a whole lot. http://t.co/2irWvAjx
14:55 PowerPoint rule #1: Never *ever* use Comic Sans in a presentation. Ever.
14:56 PowerPoint rule #2: Every transition & animation style you use loses you 5% of your credibility.
15:11 PowerPoint rule #3: Funny pictures on your slides are a bad idea. Imagine a painful silence in the room. Now prepare to live it.


Monday's Tweets

06:43 Trololo guy, we hardly knew ye. http://t.co/hsguuXBG
07:01 RT @tobyharnden: Haley Barbour on Perry: "You can step on your dick. You just can't jump up and down on it." http://t.co/6P92r114 [Classy.]


Friday's Tweets

08:36 Via @reduced, the perfect #Shakespeare tee for Star Wars Day: http://t.co/dWq7fdgj #MayThe4thBeWithYou
09:16 Remember that iPhone that caught fire on a flight in Oz last year? Turns out a botched repair was likely at fault. http://t.co/b2inooH5
10:10 Listen, credit card robocaller. How can this be my final courtesy call when you WON'T STOP CALLING? You even lie about your lies.
20:11 At a Beatles tribute concert. How come they all have hair like Wolowitz?


Wednesday's Tweets

08:55 @petersagal How many Microsoft engineers does it take to change a #lightbulb? None; we'll just declare darkness an industry standard.
08:56 @petersagal How many feminists does it take to change a #lightbulb? One, and that's NOT FUNNY!
08:58 @petersagal How many Jewish mothers does it take to change a #lightbulb? "It's alright, I'll just sit here in the dark."
08:59 @petersagal How many software engineers does it take to change a #lightbulb? None, it's clearly a hardware problem.
09:01 @petersagal How many hardware engineers does it take to change a #lightbulb? None, we'll change the documentation.
09:02 @petersagal How many New Yorkers does it take to change a #lightbulb? "None of your f%#king business!"
09:09 What's the difference between a computer salesman and Rick Santorum? The salesman doesn't know he's full of shit. http://t.co/xLYnmj6L
10:28 If Romney doesn't believe he can win without lying, is there anyone who believes he can govern without lying?
12:27 Road tripping'! Taking a little drive in the Central Valley for a few days. So far the weather is cooperating.
12:42 Got the "You look just like Spielberg" thing again today. I don't see it, aside from Jewish, gray hair, beard & glasses.
18:59 Here's something you don't see in the Bay Area. Or is that just me? http://t.co/etAM4ObW
22:14 @srj68 Right now I'm on the Central Valley side of Pacheco Pass. So there's water for fishing around here. But live bait vending? Funny.


Sunday's Tweets

08:58 From the No Shit Department: RT @TPMLiveWire: Paul: Limbaugh Apologized Because Of His 'Bottom Line' http://t.co/ZNVQLrON via @pemalevy
13:58 Waiting for The Artist to begin. Hope it's good.
18:45 Music so excellent i just happily paid 8 clams for it @bandcamp: http://t.co/CoQNWUfj
21:06 @IsobelCarr Feminist is a dirty word in the same way that liberal is. Good thing I like dirty words.


Saturday's Tweets

07:54 Why is it so much fun to read about truly craptacular work? Because it is. http://t.co/V5tZGDoa
07:58 Sarcasm dead ahead! Snarky reviews of "How to Avoid Huge Ships" are a riot. http://t.co/1AAHRACf
08:11 When truth is said in jest, and on a Saturday, must be the Macalope. Another cogent & funny piece: http://t.co/BXfusFol
14:29 The 9 most disappointing attractions in Europe. I've seen 5, but I'm not saying which 5. http://t.co/wcD7ftCi
14:48 @paulandstorm Shirebucks #MiddleEarthMall


Wednesday's Tweets

08:58 Mitt's rep tries to justify jobs claims, has to admit that they're bogus. http://t.co/V8q3Ur1p
09:09 News flash: Michele Bachmann is less delusional than Rick Perry. Yeah, it surprises me too.
12:53 I'm sad that my autocorrect just makes me look careless, not perverse like these people. http://t.co/qNy2SuW5
17:10 Creator of #Farscape has show approved about cult show's insane fans. Not based on Scapers, at least not entirely. http://t.co/UyF3e8K3
20:08 I knew Ron Paul was right wing, maybe even the most right wing Congresscritter in my lifetime, but wow. http://t.co/fq9JTHQD
21:53 "Hallo. My name is Newt Gingrich. You killed my campaign. Prepare to die." Thank you, @StephenAtHome.