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Friday's Tweets

12:30 @VictoriaDahl For what it's worth, Victoria, I'm not seeing any signal problems on my new iPhone, no matter how I hold it.
12:31 @JustaSunGod Would that be suffering succotash?
16:19 24 hours of iPhone 4: one complaint is that it keeps sliding off surfaces I'm used to keeping my old iPhone. Too slippery for its own good.
16:37 In 4 days one of my photos will be in bookstores everywhere! Some book called Upside Down. No, that's not it. Inside Out! @barryeisler
16:45 RT @barryeisler: @disorderly If the book does well, everyone will say it was all just the photograph. Sniff. [That's what I'm hoping for.]
18:18 Hey, @decoder_ring! Did you know that there really *is* such a thing as a red panda? http://bit.ly/choqzT