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Monday's Tweets

09:37 Shorter @ggreenwald: Secular law is not and can not be about moral value judgments. http://bit.ly/abcTTt
15:12 Sarah Palin has nothing but contempt for teachers. Why is this not a surprise? http://bit.ly/b5WJEh
15:18 According to Son-of-Schlafly, John 4:46-54 trumps E=mc². Denying evolution's not enough, I guess. http://bit.ly/b5JBdm
15:27 Google/Verizon: We're from corporate America and we're here to help (ourselves to everything). http://huff.to/a3NVr0
15:40 Next time someone asks for your expertise for free, send them this: http://bit.ly/dinmUG
15:51 If you liked my last link, you'll *love* this one. The suggested logo alone make it a classic. http://bit.ly/4FvTYc
18:28 New MSFT PC vs. Mac ads promote choice of color as a big benefit. Are these guys straight from the B Ark? http://bit.ly/9upkCW
19:28 Every time I think I've found the limits to Repug repugnance, they prove me wrong. http://bit.ly/bmk0Vz
20:42 RT @JackieKessler: Rah, Alan Tudyk!!! http://bit.ly/aRXdFr (Thanks, Loving Husband!) [Brilliant!]