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Wednesday's Tweets

07:01 Newt Gingrich is more than a hypocrite. He's a certifiable loony and a creep. http://bit.ly/c9M2Sz
07:12 Racial stereotype Charlie Chan inspired by real Chinese detective in Hawaii. http://bit.ly/b6V753
10:07 White House tries to placate the Right, takes Left for granted. Bad idea on both counts.
12:43 Who is Killing The Great Chef of Europe? Looks like it's his girlfriend. http://bit.ly/chSe56
12:47 Candidate Angle believes jobs crisis is "only in Harry Reid's mind." At least he has one. http://bit.ly/9bAI93
14:00 Dan Quayle's son lies about his involvement with tacky website. Another do-what-I-say faux conservative. http://bit.ly/baYrGU
14:57 Awwww... (And I don't even *like* cats.) http://bit.ly/cJnwHW
16:07 RT @ebertchicago: A product name that was probably not run past a focus group. http://j.mp/dlB2FL [Best not to apply with a toothbrush.]
16:12 Bought & DLing How to Read the Bible. My kind of bible book, it ask questions & answers them in ways religious types don't like.
18:04 One Muslim's most eloquent reply to the American Family Association's demand that we ban all mosques everywhere. http://bit.ly/d6mCWT
20:27 @Dammit_Liz I flew in from San Jose for #w00tstockSD. Anywhere within a couple of hours' flight and I'm there!