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Thursday's Tweets

09:05 I got 5 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
09:13 Anti-gay advocates pissed the law won't support their prejudice. What's a bigot to do? http://huff.to/aVSqxK
17:44 Just got home to learn that #w00tstock is returning to San Francisco in mid-September! And so am I; just bought my ticket!
18:30 Google's App Inventor is the latest The Last One, the program builder to obsolete all programming. Yeah, right. http://nyti.ms/cLI6f5
18:48 On cable news, no one cares that you're a lying scum. Might even be a virtue. http://bit.ly/9xGFuD
18:59 The Daily Show: "So that's the Republican plan: to defeat Socialism, we must become Communists." Newt, the gift that keeps on giving.
19:13 Of all the crazy Repug conspiracies, Terror Babies may just be the craziest. Sadly, there's not a shred of evidence. http://bit.ly/awW1XV
19:17 Why stop at shutting down mosques? Close every church, synagogue, reading room & Dianetics center too! http://bit.ly/bFa77t
19:31 Star Wars' original producer explains why things went to crap after Empire Strikes Back. Blame it all on the toys. http://bit.ly/9pdbVm
22:07 GPS I use with my camera is dying. Time to replace; I need to know where I was when I got that incriminating shot.