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Sunday's Tweets

11:59 An answer to one of life's mysteries: why does spaghetti break into more than two pieces? http://bit.ly/9NwULa
15:28 Packed & ready to go. Off crazy early tomorrow for Salt Lake City, then driving to Moab. Utah in summer? Am I insane? (Rhetorical question.)
15:30 Here's a news flash: Justin Bieber is a dick. And a little one at that. http://bit.ly/94whbq
21:26 I shot the sheriff. #midnightconfessions
21:26 I wonder who (who, who) wrote the book of love. #midnightconfessions
21:27 I left my heart in San Francisco. #midnightconfessions
21:27 I am killing the great chefs of Europe. #midnightconfessions
21:41 I know what evil lurks in the hearts of men. #midnightconfessions
21:42 I like pina coladas, but am not real big on getting caught in the rain. #midnightconfessions