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Tuesday's Tweets

08:14 About to enter Arches National Park. Sky is blue, rocks are red.
08:23 It's all Moab's Fault. (Yes, I'm ashamed of that one.) http://tweetphoto.com/39603775
09:02 Disappointed. Not much here but rocks. http://tweetphoto.com/39609725
11:48 Finally found an arch!
12:09 Supposed to be a picture with the last tweet. Darn National Park cell service! http://tweetphoto.com/39636884
15:30 No more @wilw at #w00tstock. *sad* The whole sordid, disgusting tale is here: http://w00tstock.net/2010/08/16/wil-quits-w00tstock/
16:44 There's a place near Moab called Poison Spider Mesa. I am so *not* going there.
19:18 Dr. Laura quits radio to get back her 1st Amendment rights. Dr. L, you still have the right, and we have the right to think you're scum.
21:34 My Twifficiency score is 50%. What's yours? http://twifficiency.com/
21:34 @ebertchicago My Twifficency score is 50%. Haven't the clue what I'm doing right, or even half right.