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Thursday's Tweets

05:12 Hey, Fox News! Where's the million for the Dems? Fair and balanced my ass! http://bit.ly/cggMR7
06:08 Lots of political lessons here, like associating your business to Tea Party will repel sane, non-asshole Americans. http://bit.ly/c4HlOH
08:07 RT @Margoandhow: The commentariat isn't buying Dr. Laura's 1st amendment rationale. (& the photo of her is priceless.) http://tiny.cc/uct90
08:39 Just got a call from the Glendale, CA police. My friend Kevin just died and they're going through his cell trying to find next of kin. Sad.
09:11 I got 26 images accepted to @shutterstock today! Check out my gallery here: http://tinyurl.com/ltgjp5
10:08 In a battle between Ann Coulter and World Net Daily, how can anyone sane take sides? http://bit.ly/aFK2wz
10:13 Olberman on Palin: "Even on Twitter, that woman is an idiot." http://bit.ly/cgR0vy
10:30 @scapersuse Thanks, Suse. He was the one who turned me on to Farscape. And we all know how that turned out. {;->
11:54 Tempting fate: no thunderstorms, so jetboat down the Colorado's a go!
14:42 Boat trip went rainless for almost an hour. Then it was epic: horizontal rain and hail. Back now and drying out. Still, it was exciting!
15:57 End of my jetboat adventure, some folks singing Gilligan's Island theme, I was doing The Unicorn.
16:18 Krauthammer compares Carmelite nuns at Auschwitz to Park51 project, lies about both. http://huff.to/cTXioG
16:37 RIAA & NAB want Congress to force every phone to have FM radio. For all that's holy, why? Who's the customer here anyway?
16:43 A fact-based response by @kradec to Right Wing Ground Zero demagoguery. http://bit.ly/aMA2sY I know: that's cheating.
18:12 Sarah Palin's a hypocrite? The universe no longer makes sense! http://bit.ly/aTysBh