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Wednesday's Tweets

08:33 Time to get cleaned up and dressed. Then it's off to Capital City (yeah!) to shoot with the lovely Erin. #obligatorySimpsonsReference
08:34 If we're banning offensive things from Ground Zero, Glenn Beck should be first on the list. http://huff.to/bJW8oQ
12:17 Arrived on Sacramento. A little salad & pizza at CPK, then to the hotel to set up lights.
12:26 Convert an iPhone into a little pinball machine. Too cute! http://tinyurl.com/2atvczw
17:32 Done with my shoot with the lovely Erin. Now trying to cool off as I download my photos.
20:44 PhotoRescue may just be the most wonderful application ever written. Saved my photos from a corrupted card once again!