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Friday's Tweets

08:30 RT @ThePlumLineGS: RT @EricBoehlert "The Persecution Of Rush Limbaugh": http://bit.ly/hpsDLU [If only it were *prosecution*.]
09:00 @alwayscoffee What a coincidence! I'm starting to think California needs you to move here.
10:30 Someone emails a huge group, others reply "me too", complaints re Reply All start, then someone goes meta & asks about longest chain. Sigh.
10:52 Hotlink by antigay site is turned into message of tolerance. Bet they're pissed! http://bit.ly/dIv9ru
10:56 Dos Equis's Most Interesting Man In The World is actually pretty interesting. http://bit.ly/h3TNwJ
14:20 A boring book of 18th century poetry stayed in print for 100 years. Here's why: it had a hidden cache of porn! http://on.io9.com/gMLplL
14:26 GOP nimrod Michele Bachmann decides cutting $4.5 billion from vet benefits is maybe not such a hot idea after all. http://bit.ly/fIxKkI