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Tuesday's Tweets

06:24 How could the critics call the Spider-Man musical the worst ever? Glenn Beck thinks it's brilliant! http://gaw.kr/fuST4d
16:45 RT @funnyordie: Hey, iPhone! Stop auto-correcting every swear word. That shut is annoying. [Hee!]
20:45 ZDNet's @jkendrick: My article about iPhone app incompatibility between AT&T & Verizon was accurate, & completely wrong. http://t.co/rZ4ZL9h
21:12 Good news/bad news. Bad: TV picture just went wonky, and is now gone completely. Good: I'm long overdue for something HD.
22:17 TV's picture gone, I finished watching tonight's NCIS online. Guess I'll go shopping at lunch tomorrow.