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Thursday's Tweets

06:59 39F this morning. Seriously?
08:34 New Repug Congresscritter warns of the dangers of the Internet, fails to heed own advice. *sigh* http://bit.ly/f8g9ca
13:08 Is there a bigger ripoff than HDMI cables?
14:05 I almost had my first lunch with coworkers after three months on the job. Almost but not quite.
15:20 @filmspotting My vote is no. Enough with the Oscar fixation!
18:35 Some time between 10 and 12 tomorrow morning my old beast of a TV goes bye bye and I will begin to enjoy HD goodness.
18:55 @filmspotting San Francisco Bay Area would be a most excellent place for your most excellent podcast.
19:46 Via @ebertchicago, an amazing article on Conan's move from old media failure to new media star. http://bit.ly/fXvIh7
21:38 Watching an old Trek episode on CBS.com. God, how did I not notice how awful it was. The dialog, acting, fight scenes, the sets. All awful.