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Friday's Tweets

08:12 Sad state of affairs when military running your country a step up. But well done, Egypt. Hope it works out for you all. http://cot.ag/h4x479
08:34 RT @darthvader: Dear Egypt: Impressive, but I personally would have gone with the reactor shaft. #egypt [Naw, too showy.]
08:35 RT @paulandstorm: [S] Imagine that: regime change for less than 3 trillion dollars. [Like a Dollar Menu for revolution.]
09:33 Dead TV saga is at an end. Old set gone, new set up and running. Two connections (one for power) and done; I'm liking this future.
18:22 I wondered why my tweets weren't getting the usual Facebook love. It's not me, it's them. http://on.fb.me/fK9D7Q
18:49 Tonight's discovery: Dr. Horrible looks and sounds amazing on Blu-Ray. The 40" HD doesn't hurt either.
19:25 @cabri It's pretty cool. Still, I'd be right there with you if my old set hadn't given up the ghost.
21:51 Am I missing something, or does Netflix Streaming not have much I'd want to watch? Gone through hundreds of titles without much luck.