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Saturday's Tweets

10:22 RT @mgarth: 5 states w/no collective bargaining for teachers have 5 worst ACT/SAT scores in the nation. #wiunion [Just sayin'.]
10:41 OUTRAGE: House votes to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding. Speak out. http://www.ppaction.org/IStandWithPP #StandWithPP
13:13 So Glenn Beck was right about there being a puppet master, but had the wrong guy. Or make that guys: http://t.co/jZwHUBa #WIunion
14:19 I had all sorts of plans for today. But 40s & rain sucked the ambition right out of me. Quick trip to the cleaners and I'm done!
15:45 Glenn Beck's paranoid about the right thing. Well, what do they say about a broken clock? http://gaw.kr/fSzROq
16:34 Now that the House has voted to defund public broadcasting, will NPR stop trying to be fair to Repugs & call them the shitheels they are?
17:05 @Molly23 Unfreakingbelievable! And I mean that in the best sense of the word. Or words. Whichever.
17:23 I first saw The Monitors in 1973 in the RIT dorms on a distant Canadian TV station. Much clearer on Netflix Instant. http://imdb.to/foYHZo
17:41 @devans00 It's an odd SF comedy based on a Keith Laumer novel. Lots of 60s celebrity cameos, including a favorite comedian of the era.
17:45 @devans00 I meant SF as in Science Fiction. Actually, it was filmed in Chicago.
20:30 First The Monitors, then Anastasia with Ingrid Bergman. Becoming addicted to Netflix Instant. I really don't need another addiction.