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Tuesday's Tweets

07:29 FYI, my birthday is September 7th. Never mind the year... http://ow.ly/417Xl
08:51 Oh, the pitfalls of getting USDA approval for zombie jerky. Made from zombies for zombies... http://aol.it/gykzGs
09:14 With Flash delayed, Motorola Xoom can't view its own website. How ironic! http://www.appleoutsider.com/2011/02/22/flash/
10:20 Oh @thinkgeek, you are such teases. You show me Star Trek bathrobes and then tell me they're not available? Fie, I say. http://bit.ly/hOXgcF
12:00 Soylent Green (Magazine) is People (Magazine)! http://bit.ly/hjArAK
12:07 TidBITS reports on free utility for controlling which graphics processor my MacBook Pro uses. Cool. http://db.tidbits.com/article/11982?rss
15:02 GOP Governors in Indiana & Florida show they're not as extreme as Walker of Wisconsin. The Cheesehead stands alone. http://bit.ly/hZbz13
18:42 @Molly23 Peaked? Not hardly, missy. Although it may take a while to reach the next grand moment.
19:34 RT @MayorEmanuel: If you have a giant pile of money and a bunch of dumb fucks running against you, DREAMS DO COME TRUE. [Words to live by.]
21:18 Will @Molly23 still sing for us little people, now that she got to sing about @stephenfry *to* @stephenfry? @paulandstorm