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Friday's Tweets

09:19 Goldman Sachs report says GOP budget cuts will cut 2% from GDP, slow economy. http://huff.to/dPjkiX
09:43 Hearing loss tweeter is now following me. Funny that I didn't hear him sneaking up.
10:14 Some day they may build statues to Gov. Walker for revitalizing the union movement in America. http://is.gd/4Bm6LI #wiunion
11:40 @BonesMcCoy Hit the right angle and bounce off the atmosphere. Worked for Moya & #Farscape 1!
18:43 Just added http://foknewschannel.com/ to my RSS feed. Fine first essay on why unions matter. @KeithOlbermann is back, baby!
18:55 A developer writes an open letter to RIM about why Thinking Different than Apple or Google doesn't mean think worse. http://bit.ly/gumunS
19:44 Sun's ex-CEO admits that if they'd bought Apple, they'd have fucked it up. Gotta admire his honesty. http://bit.ly/hbRBvd